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3 year old Rodney accidentally pees his undies at daycare. The caretaker cleans him up.
It was an ordinary day at Little Minds Daycare. The sun was shining, birds were chirping, and little Rodney was drawing at a table with others roughly his age.

Rodney felt a twinge in his bladder, but ignored it-this picture was too good! And besides, he could always go potty later. Rodney was in undies full-time (except for bed, but that was different, mommy had assured him) and he was confident in his skills-unlike some of the other kids here. Daniel was still in diapers full-time, despite being the same age as Rodney, and Carlos, despite being a year older, was still in the Pull-Ups Rodney ditched months ago!

As he continued drawing, Rodney began to pee his underwear. A stained circle appeared on his undies, and then his shorts, but he ignored it and focused on his drawing. It wasn't until the caretaker, a woman named Alice, noticed that he was smelling a little funny that he realized.

"Rodney, you had an accident and need to be changed." Alice said with comfort and no shame. Rodney looked down and noticed his wet shorts.

Oh no, he had had an accident! Alice picked Rodney up and carried him to the back room, where Daniel was taken when he made a stinky or a pee, or where Carlos went when he had an accident.

Rodney was laid down on a changing mat, and Alice took off his shorts. Rodney whined.

"I-I not baby! I big boy! No diapa! No Puww-Up!"

"I never said you were a baby, and I'm not putting you in a diaper or a Pull-Up." Alice takes off his underwear and puts them away in a plastic bag before getting out some baby wipes.

Rodney relaxes a little, but whined as his private parts were wiped up.

"You're still young. Accidents happen." Alice grabbed a spare pair of underwear and pants from Rodney's backpack and put them on before putting him down. Rodney went back to his drawing.

And none of the other kids noticed or mentioned it.

Rodney learned something-he stopped whining or putting down the others for their undergarment choice, and helped them when the were ready. When Daniel started using the potty, he helped him go. When Carlos got into undies full-time, he was happy for him.

And the daycare got a little nicer.
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