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by Ktwen
Rated: E · Appendix · Other · #2165583
this is a story about a shapwshifter blah blah blah
Tales of a Shapeshifter.

The Shapeshifter

By Daniel Syddall.

Chapter 1: limitless?

Dax Jones was waiting for the bell to ring for home time. He was so bored! He was in his classroom with his best friend, Gideon. It was almost home time but as always it seemed to take forever.
Just then the bell rang.

Ding! Dong! Ding! Dong!
"YEAH!" Gideon cried. "Finally!"

On the way to the bus they were intercepted by Chris, the school bully. Dax wished he could punch the bully in the face but as always he had his gang with him.

"Oh, hello you two! What a coincidence we were just about to leave too, you know," he said with mock sweetness. Gideon groaned they both knew what was coming.

"C'mon! Give me your lunch money," he said.

They both gave him the money, Dax wishing more than ever that he could punch him and his gang in their faces but he couldn't.

"Go on Chris. We gave you the money now leave us alone," Dax said.

"What you tell me what to do?!!" Chris said with menace advancing.

Just then they heard footsteps approaching.
"Till next time Jones," he said snarling at them.

"What a jerk!" Gideon said as they boarded the bus.

"Yeah" replied Dax

"I hate this school. There are so many meanies. I'd give anything to move to another school," Gideon said.

"Hmph." They turned around but couldn't find the source of sound.

The bus dropped them of at the corner of Dax's street. Gideon said good bye and walked down another street. As he walked down the street, Dax heard a lorry coming down the lane. That's strange he thought. Not many cars come down this street and definitely not lorries or trucks.
He turned around and yelped. A black lorry had stopped right in front of him. Two men dressed in black jumped out of the cab and raced toward him.

"AAAHHHH!" screamed Dax as they tackled him. They opened the back of the lorry and put him in, none too gently and closed the door.

Dax was left in pitch blackness. As his eyes adjusted, he could make out cages with animals in it.
In the closest one a panther prowled around inside. He backed up against the door and whimpered.

Then something changed. His senses sharpened. His body elongated until he was a sleek black panther but he didn't realize because he was too scared out of his mind to notice. Once he regained a little bit of his mind, he changed back into a human but he was still too scared to notice. He fell asleep. When he awoke he was lying on a slide in the park a few houses away from his home.

He glanced at his watch. It had only been a couple of minutes. He wondered if it was a dream but the memory was too vivid. His senses still felt sharpened a bit, but they had definitely faded.

"Better get home," he said to himself.

"Yes, you'd better," said a voice behind him. Dax jumped and turned. In front of him was a stocky, middle aged man, perhaps 25. "And you'd better get some rest and food after your ordeal."

"So it was real?" asked Dax.

"Yes it was. If you want a safe haven from all the trouble, contact me." The stranger handed Dax a card. "And if your friend, Gideon, wants to come too he's welcome." The man turned around and walked away.

Dax looked at the card. It read, 'Are you special? Do you want to be safe? Call 102 301 551. COAA.'
He tucked it into his pocket, still thinking about it as he walked home.

Chapter 2: COAA

That night he called Gideon and told him what had happened.
"I wonder what COAA means?" asked Gideon
"Do you want to go to this safe haven?" asked Dax
"Yeah I guess" replied Gideon
"Ok let's meet at the bus stop"
"But it's the middle of the night" complained Gideon
"All the better" said Dax who rather liked the dark "I'll bring a phone"

They met at the buss Shelta they'd both packed and left a note saying that they might be away a while and not to worry.
"OK ready?" asked Dax
"Yeah" said Gideon
"Here it goes" Dax said as he rang the number
Ring! Ring!
"Hello Dax" said the man on the other end
"What wait how do you know who I am?!" said Dax Startled
"Oh I know a lot about you Dax Jones and by the way your name came up on the screen"
"Oh" said Dax
"C'mon C'mon let me hear" said Gideon impatiently
"Yes you'd better let Gideon hear. And by the way my name's Ronen"
Dax put the phone on speaker so Gideon could hear
"So have you considered my offer" asked Ronen
"YUP!" said Gideon before Dax could say anything
"Great" said Ronen "I'll get someone to pick you up"
They didn't have to wait long a car pulled up next to them the driver skid down the window
"You Dax Jones and Gideon?" he asked
"YUP!"" Said Gideon again
"OK hop in the back"

Once they were on the road Gideon asked what COAA means
"COAA means Children Of Awesome Abilities" replied the driver "and Dax Jones You've got the rarest"

Chapter 3: The Shapeshifter

They drove down a gravel drive way and found themselves looking at an enormous mansion. They were ushered into a room and told to go to be they both fell asleep instantly.
The next morning they were met by another man who showed them into a room labelled orientation inside was a large screen.

And as you can guess they got orientated.
It turned out there was only a couple of kids that had special abilities.
And only a couple were mastering them

Then they went for breakfast they sat down on a table and started eating.
3 girls came over to there table. One was blond, one was dark brown, and one was black.
"Can we join you?" asked the black haired girl
"OH yeah definitely!" Gideon hastily got to his feet "I'm Gideon"
"Oh Hi Gideon Said the dark haired girl "my names Mia and this is Lisa" she waved at the blondie "and this is Jenny" she pointed at the brown haired girl
Gideon was nodding and following her every word like an obedient dog.
Lisa Sniggered
"My names Dax" said Dax wondering why Gideon was acting so strange

After they'd said hi and ate a bit Lisa asked them a question.
"So what are your powers?" she asked the boys
"I can move stuff with my mind!" said Gideon puffing up his chest and looking at Mia
"And Dax?" asked Lisa
"Um Shapeshifting" answered Dax
The girls gasped.
"Whoa that's so rare" they said
"What about my ability?" asked Gideon "isn't it cool?"
"Oh shut up Gideon" said Dax playfully.
Gideon looked so disappointed that Dax felt bad.
"What's up with Gideon?" he asked Lisa "he never acts like this"
"Don't you feel it?" asked Lisa
"No what?"
"We call it the Mia effect when somebody meets Mia the fall hopelessly in love" answered Lisa
"I don't feel it" said Dax
"Hmph" replied Lisa
Dax noticed that Jenny had stayed quit were as Gideon had started a conversation with Mia.

"Hi so um what can you do?" he asked her
"Hu oh me? Um I'm a glamourist." She stopped at that as if this answered everything.
"Oh OK" he turned back to Lisa. "What's a glamourist do?"
"They can turn invisible it's called a vanish" Lisa replied
It took a couple of days to fit into the routine. The Mia affect gradually subsided from Gideon. The three girls became their new friends. Both Dax and Gideon rang their parents to ask if they could stay the term after a talk with Ronen their parent's agreed. They practiced their abilities, Dax found out he could turn into anything.

There was only one phone in the college because of "safety issues".

It was after lights out, were everyone had to go to bed, Dax wanted to ring his Mum to see what was up. The phone had been extremely busy today so he hadn't been able to ring. Dax decided to creep out and ring after LO. (Lights out) Now was the time to do it. He shifted into a fox and silently crept down the corridor, at the corner he paused to check for any movement there wasn't any so he continued. Finally he reached the lounge Dax shifted back to human and went over to the phone he picked it up and rang his mum's number.
"Hello?" asked his mums puzzled voice.
"HI mum!" replied Dax.
"Dax!" they had a quick chat.

"OH and Dax" said his mum as he was about to leave "there's a chance that a lucky person will find a code inside a sweet rapper and win a prize."
"Ah Hu" replied Dax
"I just wanted to let you know that I miss you a lot"
"I miss you a lot to" Dax said "bye"
A sweet rapper hmm sound like something Gideon would like I wonder what the prize is? Just then he heard Footsteps approaching I've got to hide! He shifted into the first thing that came to mind, a sweet rapper just before the door opened.

Lisa opened the door slowly, she'd heard a voice talking on the phone as she'd walked down the corridor and decided to investigate. What was she doing in the corridor... any way when she walked into the room there was nobody there but Lisa wasn't satisfied
"Hello?" she asked quietly
No reply
She must've imagined it. She spotted a sweet rapper on the couch "Gideon" she muttered under her breath it must've belonged to him she picked it up , crushed it and with a deft flick of the wrist sent it spinning over her shoulder and straight into the trash can. She left muttering things about Gideon and his littering.

Before he was crumpled, Dax had just enough time to think "uh oh!" He was thrown into darkness he sensed it was the rubbish. He waited until the footsteps receded before shifting into an ant to escape the trash he crawled onto the couch and flopped down exhausted, when he heard another set of footsteps approaching, he froze looking at the door it opened slowly and Jenny stepped in.
She sighed "good no-one is here" she went over and picked up the phone and dialled
"Hello it's me Jenny"
"hmm hum just wait a sec I'll sit down then"
She came over to the couch were Dax was staring horrified at her. She paused as the person on the other end of the line said something. Dax seeing his chance started running towards the back of the couch. He only made it a couple of inches before he sensed Jenny on the move he turned around and wished he hadn't her but was looming above him slowly coming down
"Aaahhhh!" Dax screamed but no sound came out.
4 cms
3 cms
2 cms
Dax lay down hoping that it would stop
1 cm
Then darkness he could feel the pressure coming down on him, then it stopped.
Phew he thought somehow he could breathe, he tried turning his head but couldn't so he turned his eyeballs instead, he was in a crevice of material the walls were supporting some of the weight but only a teeny tiny bit. He couldn't make out any words from Jenny's conversation. He stayed there for at least 5 minutes. Then he sensed movement
Finally! He thought but instead of going up the pressure moved sideways pushing him along with it this time he wasn't in a crevice so the pressure started aging but before it got too much it started to go up. Unfortunately Dax found himself stuck to bottom of the jeans and the couch one had to give way or else he was going to get ripped apart fortunately one did the couch lost its grip and he was flung upward. The force of being sat on had compressed his body and legs against the jeans meaning he was stuck onto the jeans unable to move! Jenny started walking out of the lounge and along the hallway. She heard footsteps approaching. It's a very busy night thought Dax not that it mattered to him. Jenny did a vanish. Dax felt a tingling sensation running up and down his body as it turned invisible Jenny backed up against a wall Dax thought he was going to be squashed but she stopped a couple of centimetres away. From his position Dax couldn't see who it was because he could still see Jenny apparently if you were touching a glamourist while they were in a vanish you could see them. The footsteps receded and Jenny satisfied that The Threat was gone came out of the vanish and continued her journey.
Dax Heard a door close. He started to fall no the pants were falling rough material fell all over him and covered him but the movement had dislodged him Yes im free! He thought but then a thought occurred to him why'd the pants had fallen down he shivered and stayed where he was not wanting to move eventually the pants were hulled back up. A shoe the size of a truck came down millimetres from his face
He jumped backwards then realized that this was his ride out so he ran forward and jumped on. Dax jumped of when they went past his room and ran under the door. He shifted back and looked at his clock 10:05
He fell onto his bed and went to sleep.

Chapter 4: A Day away.

Every fort-night they got to have a break and go home for a night.
It had been a week since his little adventure and
Dax had decided to shift into an ant to escape the crowds of kids waiting for the bus. He was hurrying along when a foot almost crushed him he jumped aside and kept going when suddenly he noticed he couldn't move his legs he looked down they were embraced by a puddle of pink stuff. What was it then he realised it was chewing gum he could smell its strawberry and orange flavour only Gideon ate it everybody else thought it was horrid.
"Augh" he muttered although no sound came out. It was still wet "gross!" suddenly a shadow loomed above him he looked up a sneaker the size of a semi-truck rushed down upon him he had enough time to think, Oh no, not again! When the shoe hit him. He was sure he was going to be squashed flat but the chewing gum saved him his body was pushed down into the pink muck his face pummelled by pink rocks he could only see pink then his face came into contact with the ground the pressure on his back greatened until his face was squished into the ground then he was lifted into the air he could only turn hid head a little bit but it was enough to see that he was stuck to the underside of the sneaker. It had pushed him down until he'd reached the bottom of the wad of chewing gum then he plummeted down toward the ground his face smacked into the ground and he was pushed upward a bit by the force so that a thin layer of bubble gum covered his body he could see but everything was coated in a pinkish hue. At the moment all he could see was the gravel path then the foot lifted up his vision was impeded in spots were gravel stuck to the layer of gum. It continued like this until they reached a line of kids waiting to board the bus. Dax's face thudded into the ground a piece of gravel missing his head by a hairs breath. The chewing gum now looked greyish-pink rather than pink. Then the foot lifted and stepped on to the step it cut into the gum forming squares into it an edge almost cut Dax in half but at the last second the foot lifted and was placed in the bus the person carrying Dax moved to the back of the bus and sat down reliving some of the pressure of Dax's back. The carpet drove hair into the gum almost poking Dax's eye out. Eventually the buss started moving. Whoever the shoe belonged to had decided to take it off. Dax's world turned upside down as the owner turned it over to inspect the gum
"Argh! C'mon Gideon!" muttered an unmistakeable voice
Jenny got a coin and scraped the gum and its contents off her shoe and onto a tissue she squeezed the tissue to remove the gum off the coin. Unfortunately Dax was under her thumb so the pressure on him almost knocked him out it was even more pressure than when she'd sat on him. Finally the pressure subsided and Dax was wrapped up and put into a pocket plunging him into complete and utter darkness. The Buss Journey lasted an 4 or so until Jenny got up and off the bus Dax having nothing to do had gone to sleep now as the movement knocked him around he woke a bit dazed.

Jenny walked a couple of blocks before turning in at her house ah home sweet home! She walked up to the door and called "I'm Back!" before opening it She greeted her parents who had got up from the lounge at the arrival of their daughter
"How was it at school?" they asked
"Good good" she replied "2 new kids arrived for term, Gideon and Dax" she said Dax with a little dreaminess but her parents didn't notice.
"You probably want to put your luggage and stuff in your room" Said her Mom, Kate
"Yeah come down when you're ready" said her father, Mr Carley who liked being called Mr.
"Ok I will" replied Jenny as she made her way upstairs. She plonked her bag on her bed before lying down next to it and letting out a contented sigh how good it felt to be home! Letting out another sigh she got up and pulled out the tissue containing the gunk and without thinking much about it except that Gideon shouldn't leave his chewing gum around, put it into her bin and closed the lid as she left the room.

As his cocoon plummeted down into darkness, Dax felt a horrible sinking sensation in his stomach, that for a second time he was being thrown into a trash can. Suddenly He hit the ground with a muffled, Thud!
"Argh!" he groaned as his eyes adjusted to the dark Dax took on his situation hi was stuck inside a tissue containing sticky chewing gum how to get out? The dust and dirt had lessened the gums stickiness so he tried to move his legs with some difficulty he un-lodged his legs from the gum and started prising the rest of his body free after a while his body was free! he started searching for a way out but found non he started clawing at the tissue and made a small hole enough for him to get out. Once out he found that the bin was practically empty aside from some scrunched up paper. He looked up oh no! This trash can had a lid! How was he going to push it open? What if he had to wait until the next person opened the lid? But that might take hour or even days! while he was thinking of ways to escape light flooded the bin someone had opened the lid! But instead of putting stuff in it, Kate pulled the bag out of the bin. Great! I'm going to get dumped in the wheelie bin thought Dax as the bag was tossed about while Kate tied it. He was forced up against the side of bag. ah ha ill make a hole thought Dax as he started to claw at the plastic gradually a hole started forming until it was big enough for Dax to fit through he slipped through it fortunately Kate had put it down to grab another bag from the kitchen bin so Dax stepped onto the kitchen floor instead of falling. He scurried along until he reached the safety of the gap under the cupboards he stopped and looked around he could see Jenny in the distance at the dining table eating lunch. Dax's stomach rumbled he needed food. He looked around and saw a bowl of gummies on the table great! Now I've got to get there. He decided to stay as an ant because it was small. He reached the edge of the cover he surveyed the surrounding it was a big run to the nearest dining table leg he readied himself and ran. He was halfway across when he heard footfalls approaching he glanced back a dog was plodding in his direction! He doubled his efforts and reached the table leg just as a furry foot almost crushed him Phew! He thought now all I have to do is climb up there he started to climb it took a while but eventually he made it. The gummie bowl was a little way of, a quick dash. Dax looked around nobody was watching good! He dashed across the gap making it in 2 seconds he climbed the underside of the bowl and reached the top and gazed down at the gummies.
He jumped down onto a red gummy and started munching away when a shadow fell over him. A giant hand was going to pick his gummy up with him still on it! He was lifted up into the air the pressure pushing in onto his back Jenny's giant mouth came into view it opened wide and the gummy and Dax went towards it. Aaaaahhhhhhh! Thought Dax as the mouth started to close I'm going to be eaten alive! The teeth got closer chomp! Jenny bit the Gummy in half the teeth cut the gummy in half right in front of Dax. The half of gummy with
Dax came away from the mouth a little bit as Jenny chewed oh no im definitely going to get eaten! He started to move again the mouth opening he could feel the warm air flowing around him as he entered her mouth aaahhhh! Dax tried to scream as the mouth closed he was plunged into semi dark a faint reddish light came in through her cheeks just enough for Dax to see the inside of her mouth he waited for the teeth to chew him up but instead the walls of her mouth started to cave in a slight breeze was heading back ward tugging at Dax
A realization hit Dax She was sucking the gummy. The walls were all around him now pressing down on him saliva coated his body as the flesh pushed him against the gummy the gummy started to soften letting the flesh of Jenny's cheeks to press him into the gummy deeper and deeper he was pushed then the squeezing sensation stopped it released the pressure then a pushing sensation started light spilled in and the gummy with Dax well into it was spat out onto a tissue Dax could hear muffled laughter and voices
"ew! That was so sour!" said Jenny's muffled voice laughing
Dax groaned he crawled out and scurried of despite of what just happened Dax decided to go for another gummy he found one at the bottom of the bowl this one was yellow. Just then he was pulled up and out of the bowl
"Ta Da!" Mr Carly held up the yellow gummy "your favourite colour!"
Dax had to cling on for dear life as Mr Carly handed the gummy over too his daughter
"Aww thanks dad but I should go up to my room to unpack"
"Well take it with you" he replied
"Oh ok"
Dax couldn't believe how stupid he'd been going for another gummy now he was going to get eaten. As She went up the stairs Jenny plopped the gummy into her mouth sucking one end as half the gummy entered her mouth Dax ran to get of the gummi but before he could go far her top lip cam thudding down on his body the lip totally covered him he felt the sugar melting and sticking him to the lip. The lip and Dax lifted up to allow the gummy to fall in Dax saw the lower lip coming towards him it slammed into covering him again in flesh a few seconds later the lips parted and the tongue started licking the lower lip Dax knew in a matter of second he would get licked of the lip by the tongue as he thought this the tongue started moving towards him it swiped him of the lip and into a pool of saliva as the mouth started to close. The tongue rose ready to swallow him desperately he climbed over the teeth and ended up on the other side between the teeth an cheek he felt a rush of movement as Jenny swallowed but he stayed loged between the teeth and cheek then the cheek started moving inward pressing him against the teeth so he couldn't move he stayed like that for minutes before the cheeks started to move She was opening her mouth! Dax ran towards the mouth but it was already closing just as he thought he couldn't make it he jumped despertly for the opening he made it! But his legs were trapped in side her mouth then she opened her mouth again an Dax slipped free he fell on to her bed with a soft oof! He lay there before realizing that Jenny was going to sit on him again! He despertly tried to rum but his legs were stick as she loomed closer Dax slipped and fell he stared up as she came ever closer oof! Dax slid forward she'd landed infront of him instead of ontop phew! He thought then a shadow fell on him he looked up Jenny was lying Down on top of him! As her back cam closer Dax ran up the bed trying to escape but her back loomed over him
Dax was cast into darkness but no weight came upon him he was trapped in the arch of her back he could feel the roof coming down slowly as she relaxed until it pushed Dax flat on his back a little bit of weight pushed down but then it stopped greatening She's having a nap! Relied Dax with nothing else to do he snoozed off. Dax was woken by a harsh movement he was flung upwards and came down again on the cover of Jenny's bed then he was flung back up again he caught a glimpse of Jenny smoothening the cover before he landed satisfied Jenny turned away to prepare for a night out her parents were tacking her out for dinner. Dax went over to the edge of the bed it was a long way down but the donor acted like a slide he slid down to the floor and wondered what to do he couldn't stay as an ant because of what'd happened he went onto Jenny's dressing table and wondered about he was standing in a container of hair ties when Jenny came over to the table.
Panicked Dax shifted into a dark blue hair tie.

"Hmm what hair tie do I use tonight?"
"Iny miny miney mo!" her finger landed on a Dark Blue band "ooh! My favourite colour" She plucked it up and tied it into her hair she went over to her mirror and twirled around "nice!"
Dax was twisted round double holding Jenny's hair in place. And couldn't move as she turned around he could see himself in the mirror as a dark blue hair tie.

It was almost time to go to dinner and Jenny was playing with her hair band twirling it around in her fingers before redoing it into her hair.
Dax's world spun all around as Jenny kept undoing, twirling and redoing him into her hair finally one last time she did him and this time she left him there.
"let's go" said her mother as she came downstairs they got into the car and drove down the road to The Chinese restraunt. They were ushered into a table in the corner they ate their meal talking about events that had happened. Finally they left the restraunt and headed home. When they got home Jenny said good night to her parents and went upstairs. She undid Dax and put him in the hair tie container then left the room to go somewhere Dax shifted into an ant and moved to the edge of the table he climbed down and moved to the door when he heard footsteps coming he shifted into the first thing that he thought about a pj top he lay there crumpled.

Kate walked in carrying a pair of pj pants she noticed a matching top crumpled on the floor and wondered how the pj shirt had got there. She picked it up and folded it she lay the shirt and pants on the bed and left the room.
Dax's face was covered by the pants so he couldn't see anything he didn't dare shift so he lay there waiting finally he heard the door close and Jenny picked up the pants and put them on Dax could only see the ceiling when Jenny's hands grabbed him and put him on as well. Dax could fell the warmth coming of her. She went to bed and so did Dax.
Dax awoke the next morning finding himself face down on a shelf in Jenny's wardrobe he groaned and shifted into an ant and crawled out it was 7:20! Phew 40 minutes till the bus to had pick up Jenny he made his way down stairs Jenny was having breakfast. When she finished Kate came over to ask a question.
"Would you like to come for a walk to the shops?"
"Yeah but it better be quick I've got 40 minutes till I have to go"
"Ok let's take Max"
I have to to go! He decided to hitch a ride with their dog, max.

Everything was fine they were making their way to the bus station to drop of Jenny when Dax fell of he was hanging onto the dogs collar when Max shook his head violently Dax lost his grip and sawed through the air falling he saw a blob of pink coming up at him and he had enough time to think, Not again! Before he fell onto it. Jenny's foot came thudding down on top of him in seconds pushing him down down to the bottom as she lifted her foot Dax could see that they had arrived at the bus stop and just in time the bus arrived opening the doors with a ping! Jenny turned around to kiss her mom goodbye before hoping onto the bus. She walked to her favourite spot at the back she felt a lump under her foot so she lifted it up and saw the gunk. "Not again!" she muttered as she scraped it off with a coin this time Dax stuck to the coin while the rest of it came away he struggled and fell off the coin onto the chair only to look up and see that Jenny was going to sit on him he tried to run but tripped he looked up horrified as Jenny bore down on him Then darkness as he was sat on this time there was no crevice the full weight came down upon him he was slowly being crushed. He was compressed against the rough material of her jeans as more pressure was applied finally when he thought he couldn't bear anymore the pressure stopped growing he was flattened against her pants and the bus seat all the way to the college. Finally Jenny started to move Dax, completely pressed into the material couldn't see anything but could sense her moving. They went into the building and up the hall. Jenny went straight to her room, with Dax still imbedded in her jeans, he was starting to come away but just slightly. Jenny opened the door and went in closing it behind her. She put her bag on the table next to the door and went over to her bed she sat down Dax felt here moving down oh no! He thought as the pressure was applied again he was being compacted into the material just as before when he thought he couldn't take any more pressure it stopped growing he realized that he was supporting all the weight that would bare upon him. After a few minutes like this Jenny decide to get up and have lunch she was hungry. Dax was relieved when the weight subsided and Jenny went to lunch, but the pressure had rein bedded him into the fabric. All he could see was blackness. As she made it to the dining hall, Jenny saw Lisa and Mia standing in line for lunch they waved her over.
"How was your day?" Mia asked
"Good I went out for dinner" replied Jenny as they were served themselves lunch "how about yours?" she asked them as they went over to their table and sat down. Again Dax was compressed against the chair and the jeans except the chare wasn't so soft it pushed against him embedding him deeper he couldn't hear anything from their conversation. After 20 minutes talking the three friend said goodbye and left Jenny going to her bedroom to get changed. After she'd shut her door she started to unpack her bag. Dax felt the jeans start to fall but so embedded as he was it only loosened him a tiny he hit the ground witch loosened him a little bit more but not much he was still compressed into the material. He felt a shadow appear above him an object coming down then suddenly he was being squashed into the jeans and floor as a foot, he realized, stepped onto him bearing down weight then it lifted and Dax was freed of its weight the foot had somehow manage to loosen him a bit rather than embedding him further. Then he was picked up as Jenny shook the jeans this definitely loosened Dax. He was flung of the pants and into a soft tunnel of something as his eyes adjusted Dax could make out that it was a sock he desperately tried to get out but couldn't as a shadow loomed above him Jenny was putting it on! As the foot approched Dax flattened himself against the sock avoiding being kicked in the face by her big toe his legs spread eagled on the floor he started feeling the pressure on his back pressing down. then the pressure mounted as Jenny pulled the sock tight then it stopped growing and Dax was lifted up he could see the ground coming up to meet him. He was compressed into the material as the foot came down. Jenny decided to go to the lounge and relax a bit and chat with her friends. As she walked Dax's body was pounded into the material further. Finally they came to the lounge and Jenny sat down freeing Dax from the pressure in was so embedded in the sock that his face almost touched the ground he tried wriggling it worked! He fell through the bottom of the sock and onto the floor finally! He thought as he raced to the cover of the couch he was half way there when a wad of pink chewing gum landed on him.
"C'mon Gideon pick it up!" complained Jenny
"oh alright" grumbled Gideon as he reached for the gum
As he was bending over some one pushed him and he fell over he tried to put his hand out but all he managed was his arms one thudded onto the gum flattening it. The impact compressed Dax against the floor, he could feel Gideon's arm pressing down on his back Gideon pushed hard against Dax, Thinking he couldn't bare it any longer Gideon stood up brushing his arms off.
"Hey who did that?!" no one replied
Gideon bent down looking behind him this time and picked up the gum and the very squashed Dax and chucked it into the bin Dax groaned and peeled himself of the gum he raced back to his room avoiding everybody finally he shifted back to human and fell onto his bed exhausted.

Chapter 5: a news flash

The next morning he got up had breakfast & caught up with his friends he didn't tell anybody about his adventures. There was a bus trip were you only had to come if you wanted. They were just boarding when Gideon moaned "I forgot my note pad!"
When they sat down Gideon needed a piece of paper
"Can you turn into some?" asked Gideon to Dax
"Uh OK" he replied shifting
Gideon rote: DYLAN like Nile?
Then he folded him into a plane and threw it at Lisa.
"Incoming!" he called to her She grabbed it out of the air and read it then rote: like or likes?
Dax's vision blurred as Lisa rote over his eye when it cleared he had lines crisscrossing his vision.
Shew threw it back but instead of warning she watched as it hit Gideon in the head.
"Ow!" Gideon read the Message and rote back: l~i~k~e.
Then chucked it back at Lisa who read it and rote: who is DYLAN?
On the return journey Dax wondered why he'd agreed to this. Gideon rote: not who what,
DYLAN means Do You Like Annoying Nerds. So it means do you like annoying nerds like Nile?
He threw it at Lisa who read it and rote: No. She was about to throw it back when a voice stopped her.
"I'll take that thank you" said one of the teachers snatching the plane of her.
"Hey!" Lisa Protested trying to take it back. The teacher turned scrunched the plane into a ball and tossed it into the bin and closing the lid. She looked over at Gideons horrified face and mouthed uh oh! He nodded.
Before he was scrunched up Dax had enough time to think: Not again! Then he was tossed into the bin before he could do anything the lid closed and he was cast into darkness.
The bus driver was about to pull away when the bin man called to him to wait
"I've got to take the bin" he said taking away the bin while a horrified Gideon and Lisa watched. Dax could feel the bin moving he tried to scream but he couldn't. The bin man pushed it around to the back where they had a paper compacter for their own newspaper and tipped it into the hopper then tipped all the rest of the paper bins in. Dax was buried under a ton of paper, he could hear a machine start, the paper and boxes started to flatten and press him against the bottom of the hopper then the compressing started the bottom dropped away and Dax and the papers dropped into another hopper the roof and bottom started to come together compacting Dax and all the other paper and cardboard together into a cube. The pressure amounted on Dax as he was compacted into a cube with the other rubbish finally when Dax was compacted into a tight cube it spat him and all the other rubbish onto a conveyor belt a guillotine cut the long cube into smaller cubes Dax passed under it and just missed being cut in half the conveyor. The conveyor dropped the cubes into a drum with paddles. Slowly the drum filled with water and the paddles started to turn, churning the water and paper into a slush Dax was spun around and around being fused with other paper mush finally when everything was mixed together a trapdoor opened and the paper/mush was tipped out onto a conveyor belt there were hammers that went up and down vertically squashing the paper/mush into a flat line of papery mush. Dax was rolled under it came thudding down on him with great force flattening him. Next were giant rollers that compressed the paper Dax felt himself being compacted down, then there was another guillotine cutting the long strip of paper into squares Dax just fat into the square allotment the blade coming down behind his head the paper mush was then put into a tunnel of warm air to dry. Finally they were stacked into piles of 10, Dax landed on a pile of 4 so he had 5 pieces on his face. After 10 minutes like this a trolley came to pick the paper up and take it to the printers Dax was loaded onto the trolley and taken to the printers. He was put into a room with the other papers and left there. Now's my chance he thought shifting into an ant and crawled out of the papers he raced through the door and out into the court yard he went to the entry of the dorm shifting to a human. He was waiting for Gideon and Lisa when they got back.
"You're ok!" cheered Gideon
Lisa and Gideon both hugged him he told them what happened.
"Oh Dax I'm sorry" said Gideon
"You should be!" scolded Lisa

The End?

A shapeshifter's holiday

Chapter 1:

Dax was going on holiday with his coaa friends, Gideon, Jenny, Lisa and Mia. They were going to a holiday resort on a tropical island in the Great Barrier Reef. They were at the airport waiting for the plane.
"I dare you to shift into a bag and get loaded into the plane" Gideon challenged Dax
"C'mon or are you scared?" smirked Lisa
"Fine" Dax said shifting
Gideon put a tag on him that said: Gideon
And filled him with stuff. He looked at Lisa and smirked as the baggage man took Dax away to get loaded into the plane. Dax was put into a hopper with all the other baggage. He waited a while before the hopper started to drain. He and all the other baggage were dumped onto a conveyor belt and carried onto the plane. Dax was placed at the back under a ton of other luggage. The engine started and the journey began. With nothing to do Dax decided to have a nap.
He was woken up by a rough bump, they had arrived and were landing. The plane came to a stop and Dax was taken out of the plane and placed on a conveyor it took him into the terminal, he circled around the bag pick up until finally being picked up by Gideon. Gideon who had forgotten about his challenge just thought Dax was another one of his bags. Dax was put into the boot of the car that would take them to the resort and was once again buried under all the luggage. When they arrived he was taken into the resort and was placed on Gideon's bed. Once Gideon unpacked him he was starting to put Dax into a closet when Jenny asked if it was Dax. It sparked a memory.
"Yes it is" he said feeling embarrassed "you can shift" he told Dax. Dax shifted back into a very angry boy.
"You forgot about me!" Dax accused Gideon
"Yeah well... Sorry" replied Gideon sheepishly.
"Well what a nice start to the holiday" muttered Mia.
"Hmmm... What to do?" asked Lisa looking at a brochure "oh I know let's go diving!"
"Ok" they agreed.

They were getting ready to board the boat when Dax had a suggestion.
"You guys go on the boat I'll just shift into something" Dax told his friend who agreed
Once they had left Dax jumped into the water and shifted into a dolphin he raced after his friends. He raced beside them easily keeping up if he wanted to he could have out raced them. They waved at him and smiled as he did a flip. After a while they came to a small island. Lisa decided that they should dive around it. Dax did a lap around the island because it was very small. As he glided towards Lisa, "are you going to stay as a dolphin?" He nodded and swam off. He found a small hole too small for him to fit through as a dolphin.
"hmmm what do I shift into?" he thought to himself "I know!" He shifted into prawn because he was hungry that was what he'd thought of first. He slowly entered peering into the dark there was nothing but a wall a little way in he turned around and swam out. He was just swimming out of the cave when a gigantic shadow passed over him and a current sucked him right he looked right and tried to yell, a whale was going to eat him! Its giant mouth wide open sucking him and a whole load of other crustaceans towards it!
"Aaaahhhhh!" Dax tried to scream but as always when he shifted he couldn't speak, so no noise came out. He was getting closer and closer! Dax passed under the baleen of the whale's mouth, he turned around and saw it start to close! He tried to swim toward it but the current fought against him so that he stayed inside. He watched hopelessly as it closed shutting of the light. As his eyes adjusted, Dax could see that the water was just sloshing around inside the whale's mouth. Just then he registered movement, the water was starting to move towards the throat! He was starting to move, Dax tried to swim away but the current was slowly pulling him back towards the throat. Dax stopped struggling when he realized that it was no good. He looked down and saw the tongue rising up pushing the water out of the gills filtering the crustaceans and Dax from the water. A bit of water remained to drain the food down into the stomach. Horrified he looked down the throat as he started to slide towards it. Down, down, down he slid until he ran out of tongue to slide down then he started to fall down the throat. He landed in something liquidy and realized that he was in the whale's stomach. Ew!! Suddenly the walls of the stomach started to vibrate viontly and Dax was pushed back up into the whale's mouth and flushed out into freedom! Dax realized that the whale must have been sick for some reason.

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