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by Ktwen
Rated: E · Appendix · Death · #2165585

Dax was going on an excursion to a material factory were they made shirts and clothes ect. Dax didn't want to go on the school field trip but he hadn't had a choice. He'd only found out about his ability to shapeshift last summer. It was now winter, when he had to go to a normal school instead of the COAA college. But it wasn't worth thinking about right now because they had arrived at the factory.
"Everybody off the bus!" the teacher herded the group of students into a door marked: 'School groups' they started with the making of the material to the shirts then the pants. They were about to leave the Pants section when Baln came up to Dax.
"I dare you to hide in the locker there until the group has gone" he said.
"C'mon or are you scared?"
Dax made sure no one was looking before opening the locker door, stepping in and closing it behind him. Through the gaps in the vent, Dax saw that the school group had gone and left him alone. Now what? Then he heard footsteps approaching. Oh No! What to do? What to do? Shift? But shift into what? The footsteps came closer. An ant? No! Not an ant remember last time? The footsteps were right outside, now the person was starting to unlock the door. An ant! Dax just had time to shift before the door was opened. He fell onto a scrap of material. A hand rushed down and picked up the scrap of material with Dax on it and stuffed it into a container. The person started to walk. Dax raked his brain trying to remember what happened to material scraps. Ah ha! They were put into a machine that made them into those patch work clothes. Oh not so great he was going to be turned into a set of pants!

Finally after several minutes and couple of stops were more material was picked up, Dax felt himself falling into a cauldron. He was tossed and turned as the material was binded. Finally he felt himself being moved onto a conveyor belt. The sheet of material that was on his face was lifted and taken away. He could hear thumping ahead. Uh oh! He was in double material! As he thought this, a piece of material was dropped onto his face, a couple of seconds later a hammer came down sandwiching Dax in between the material. The hammer lifted up and Dax continued. He felt himself going left. He raked his memory what happened to the material that goes to the left. I went to the heavy clothes were it was compressed extremely tightly. Aaahhhhhh! Thought Dax as a hammer came down on top of him. The pressure started to greaten on Dax compressing him into the material. More pressure amounted finally once Dax was totally compacted between the material, the hammer lifted up of Dax. He started to move again into the production line. Dax was tossed and turned as the material he was sandwiched between were sowed into a set of pants.

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