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by Jacky
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Susan swam to awareness realizing she’d fainted. Suddenly the reason why bolted back and her eyes flew open. There stood Andrew.

“You... you’re dead... You fell over a cliff in Zimba! They found your backpack...”

“The news of my death was greatly exaggerated... get up.”

She pulled herself up, feeling faint again, sank into a chair.

“Where were you? We had the funeral this morning!”

“I know, it was nice.”

“You were there!?”

“I must say Roger had some kind, if not fabricated things to say about me. He must have worked on that for a while.”

“Andrew! Where have you been? What happened?”

“Well, I dropped my backpack over the cliff. You know how clumsy I am. I was freaked! All my food, water, everything! Still, I thought I could make it out.”

“And you did! I’m so glad...”

“Well, sort of. I came to ask you about my will, did you find it?”

“No, but the lawyers said everything would go to me and Roger, so it would have been fine.”

“It’s in the pocket of my brown coat.”


“I changed it just before I flew to Ingo.”

“What does it matter now? You can get it anytime.”

“Actually, that’s why I’m here. I never got to tell you I’d changed it. Roger’s been stealing money from us for years. I’d found out just before my trip, but since he’s family I just cut him out of my will.”

“That cheat! How could he steal from his own siblings!”

“Never mind, you just need to get the will and give it to the lawyers, today!”

“Why can’t you do it?”

“Sorry Susan, I can’t. I was attacked by lions when I hit the grasslands.”

Oh Andrew! Are you alright?”

“No Susan... I’m still dead...”

Susan fainted again.
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