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Moving through Bala's sojourn


Hey, I have had my share of monotonous ignominy, and if I start with it you will reject my plea for a patient hearing! My days are cold my nights are secured; (As I know that the same sense of helpless darkness would engulf all of you and not used to it you will feel a bigger sense of helplessness!). Believe me I don't want to see any one feel helpless but at times my cruel mockery makes me enjoy the plight of others. After all I am human!

I will start with the imaginations that never leave my side, "Imaginations, my only aides all these years." Why can't people see what I can see? Why can't they feel what I feel, I have never been to a desert yet I feel warm sand grains piercing through the thick hides of my fet, playing with my lip lines turning them tipsy tardy. I have never seen birds,yet when they say that flight makes these aviators special I borrow their wings. I have never seen God, yet when they say that his followers divide, I unify all with HIS omnipresent solace. My only merit, I don't discriminate so I don't stop loving. Can any one stop loving himself? I see every one as a part of me as a part of this universe so I love all and put on the shoes of eternity to see with your eyes, feel with your skin, and breathe with your beats live with your purpose.

Come accept my small invitation be a part of my thoughts, I am blind and I cannot color the shapes my thoughts define, yet I can take you through a journey that has been shaped by me and my maker.

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