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Brand New piece that I am working on
John Paul Whitman did everything by the book. He bought her flowers on her birthday. He took her to romantic dinners. He married her ten years ago during her favorite season surrounded by friends and family on that beautiful Spring day. He gave her a beautiful daughter. He attended the local college, got a teaching degree to teach math at the Elementary School just five miles from the quaint three bedroom, two bathroom craftsman style home he bought for her so she can be close to her parents. He always came home on time, never stayed out too late with the guys, never once thought about being with another woman, and was an excellent father, son, brother, and husband. He's a good-looking man, blue eyes, reddish brown hair, clean shaven, the cutest freckles around his cheeks that pop out more in the summer time. He dresses his forty year old 6'1 frame in the latest fashions, always smells good, and manages to keep himself in pretty good shape. He's a catch. He's a keeper. He's every girl's dream. So why is he sitting across the table, surrounded by white walls, in a drafty and cold room staring at her and her lawyer?

That is a question he may never understand the answer to. It is a question he thought he'd never have to ask himself when he first met Jennifer fifteen years ago in that coffee shop where she would serve him his favorite coffee. She was there every morning with a medium house blend signature coffee with three hazelnut cream cups, six sugars, and a smile. He loved her smile. It is the first thing he fell in love with. He'd do anything to make her smile, dance with her in the kitchen, wear that silly hat he bought on their honeymoon, get her that puppy she wanted so badly when the neighbor's dog had her litter. When she smiled, his heart felt like it was dancing in a field of dandelions, it was all he needed to feel high. He loved that feeling. Will he ever feel that way again? Today, looking at the papers that have been drawn up, sitting in that room, or was it a tomb, on that hard chair far from the comfy sectional couch she had to have cause it matched the carpet, he would not see that smile he loved so much. He will not see those beautiful eyes dancing or those adorable dimples that made him rush home everyday after work. No, today is the end of those smiles. Today is the beginning of a million questions that will keep him up at night, keep him at his brother's house pondering while the craftsman is being sold.

He can't go back to that place. Too many happy times, too many memories, too many questions. What did he do wrong? What could he have done better? Why? Why did that restaurant have to open? Why did him and his co-workers decide to go in there after that half day of school? Was it karma? Who's karma was it anyway? Will he ever get over the humiliation? As much as he loved Jennifer's smile, he didn't think it would be the one thing that would hurt him the most. When he heard that laugh at the other end of that restaurant he knew instantly who's it was. He turned expecting to see that beautiful smile sitting with her Mom or perhaps her sister. What he saw would shake his body to the core, his breath left his chest, his knees felt weak, his heart disintegrated. He was left with the biggest question of them all. A question he thought would never leave his lips. A question no man ever wants to ask....Who the fuck is that guy?

Today, those questions are just guesses dancing in his head as he is looking over the divorce papers and chatting with his lawyer, crossing things out, adding things, dividing things. John realized his marriage had become more like a business over the years. maybe it's for the best, still hurts tho. He can't get the word 'failure' out of his head. He failed to keep his wife. He failed to please her. He failed to see the signs. Sure he felt her being distant sometimes, he'd just chalk it up to woman problems, her "Time of the month" so to speak.

"Everything is looking pretty standard Mr. Whitman. The custody looks fair, and once the house sells, the money will be
divided between the two of you"


John didn't want to fight, he was raised by good, loving parents. His parents are still together, still in love, and they taught him that fighting never solves anything. His dad is a retired police officer. His mom, a saint in his eyes, stayed home with him and his older brother, William. John can't remember ever hearing his parents fight. He had a great childhood, found memories of cook-outs, vacations, holidays. Both John and William, a book store owner who has a few published books of his own, are successful, good boys who make their parents proud. John wanted that life for himself. He wanted happy kids, his job at the school allowed him to have summers off for days at the park, beach trips, and road trips. He wanted what he grew up with, it's what he knew best, it's what he lived for, and he got it.....For ten blessed years.

"We have completed this part of the procedure Mr. Whitman. All that's left to do is sign the papers, and have the Judge sign it into an official Court Order"


He couldn't think of anything else to say. What is there to say that hasn't already been said anyway? There it is. The last ten years all summed up in a few pages. Every laugh, every tear, every dream, all to be signed away with just a simple stroke of a pen. Ten years ago a happy, playful, fun loving couple signed a license that would begin their life together supposedly until "Death Do You Part" this sure felt like death. Today that same couple will sign a paper what was once a life filled with hope, excitement, laughter. As he felt the tear fall warmly down that freckled cheek she use to kiss goodnight every night, he sign away his life as he knew it, and his wife....To another man.

As he left the Lawyers office that afternoon, the birds were still chirping and the sun was out, it finally stopped raining. It has been a pretty rainy summer in Orlando, Fla this year but John loved living there despite the tropical weather. He grew up not too far away in Coco Beach. Jobs opportunities for teachers are abundant in Orlando and it seemed like the logical place to go. He always enjoys going back to the family beach house in Coco Beach a few times a year. He passed a young couple sitting on a bench, sharing an ice cream cone and laughing. He couldn't help but roll his eyes at them under his sunglasses. Was it disgust or jealousy? Either way, he was in no mood for that type of display.

When he got back to his brother's house later that evening, William's wife, Melissa had mad him his favorite, Chicken Fettuccine. She was a beauty, the type of girl a guy dreams of. Kind, loyal, gorgeous, dark curls, green eyes, and way out of his brother's league. She was perfect, which is why he felt bad declining dinner for now but he wanted to be alone. He wanted to think. He needed to be numb for awhile, he needed to cry, he needed to sleep.


Cameron Sophia Meyers had twenty minutes to get ready and head to work. She had been working at the book store for almost a year now. Her and Melissa hit it off right from the start. She reminded Melissa a lot of herself and she liked her as soon as she met her. She knew she would be a perfect fit for the store and the costumers would love her. Cameron was a hot mess, no other way to put it. Some say she got it from her Mama Rayanne, a self-proclaimed gypsy who loved to travel, but settled in Macon Georgia when she met and fell in love with Cameron's Dad, Randy. He was a local high school football hero who, if it wasn't for that knee injury in college, would have made it to the big leagues. She loves it when her Dad tells the story of how they met at that restaurant and often wonders if she will ever find the type of love her parents have. Randy worked there at the restaurant as a manager. It was love at first sight when Randy saw Rayanne sitting there having dinner alone. She was so striking with her dirty blonde hair and electric blue eyes. He was awed at her bravery to eat alone on a Friday night surrounded by couples. Not knowing exactly what to say when he approached her, he managed to utter the sweetest pick up line Rayanne has ever heard.

"If you give me your number, you'll never have to eat alone again"

Rayanne didn't mind eating alone, she's strong willed and loved her independence. She wasn't the type who always needed a man but she just couldn't resist his charm and good looks. Not long after that they married, and had Cameron. She was born 2 months early, Randy liked to say that she "Came out Fighting!" She carried that fighting, spunky, spirit throughout her entire life.

Today, she was fighting the clock, trying to find her favorite dress she knows she washed and tossed it around somewhere around here. She loved Bohemian style dresses, she looked beautiful in them. She was born a small town country girl, but she's got a gypsy soul for sure, some may even say she's a little weird. She was an only child. Her mom couldn't have anymore children after the complications she had with her. Cameron is lucky to be alive and she knows it. She is the apple of her parents eye, which is why it broke their hearts when she moved to Florida five years ago with that biker. Jason was his name. He promised Cameron the world. They'd be wild, free, and in love forever. That was music to a twenty four year old's ears. They loaded up the truck, put the bike on a trailer, and headed for Florida. Her parents couldn't do anything but wave as they watched her disappear into the Georgia wind on that hot summer night. Cameron Loved living in Florida. For awhile Jason lived up to his promise and life was great. What Jason failed to mention before they moved, before they were going to be together forever, was his occasional bouts with amnesia. You see, Jason sometimes forgot that he had a girlfriend. After four years, she had enough. She decided to get out and she needed a job to do that. When she saw the help wanted sign in the window of the bookstore she thought "I can do that" It wasn't too far from her new apartment and the owners were awesome.

She finally found her dress and put it on. It fits her just right. It's white with flowers, goes all the way to the floor, and flows when she walked. The sleeves sits off her shoulders, she feels special when she wears it, she feels pretty. Maybe she will wear it for her Thirtieth birthday party. It is in a few weeks, she's excited to turn Thirty, happy to leave the Twenties behind. She looks around at her apartment and feels very proud of what she has been able to accomplish on her own. It's not much, but it's hers. She combs her blonde hair to the side, secures it with a hair tie, and lets it lay loose on her shoulder.
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