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Rated: E · Poetry · Dark · #2165895
Something that is dark , the good and the bad that comes to me in dreams.

Oh, my Lord what is this I see,
Late in the night I see and hear the agonizing cries
the sound of deep weeping pains,
I hear it all, the sounds are so clear
it brings on deep fears.

In my sleep I have deep dreams of many things
but not understanding what it all means.
When you can feel all the love around you is slowly dying
all I can do is keep on crying,

How can I stay strong?
How can I keep holding on?
I tried so hard to hide all that I see way too long.
I try so hard to reach out and ask for help
just to take all this pain away.

But all I get is the looks of hate,
you can tell they all lost their faith,
How can I save another from this agony?
When I cannot even save myself from this pain that I see.

Fallen are the angels that wasn't doing right
In the late hours I can hear them weep,
in the dark I see many things
I never thought I would fall so fare as this,
Oh, my God it is you I miss,
Fallen are the angels of lies
Oh, I tried so hard to close my eyes.

But nothing works, I see everything
Oh, hear comes more pains,
Oh, please, no more rain,
I won't fall tonight I cried,
Look away from me!
Fallen Angels is what I see.

I cry out for my own protection
but now one hears me but the angels that bleed
they look so mean when they stare at me.
They make me feel so unsafe
I have so many questions I like to ask
but I think I will pass on that.

How can I stay strong when I feel so scared?
What must I do to be the fears?
Oh, please someone help me to take this pain away!
How can I help someone else
when I cannot even help myself?

I never thought I would fall like this
Oh, my God it is you I miss.
Please help me get out of this
Fallen angels is all I see standing around me.
My eyes are closed yet I hear all that they say
Oh, hear comes more pain.

Poetic Judy Emery
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2165895-THE-FALLEN-Of-ANGELS