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chapter two
I began my journey into my new life, a life with new people to call my family. Alec basically ignores my very presence, its rather infuriating. He makes it very clear he loathes me. Not a very welcoming person. I don't blame him, change can be hard. Jace is, well how do I put this? He's charming indeed, though he tends to flirt often. He is quite intelligent, yet he hides it. Nathan is a sweetheart. He's so caring, and friendly. He's is very kind to me, despite me being a stranger. Mr. Ravenwood has become more social, he speaks to me occasionally. I am glad for it. Mrs. Ravenwood is a woman of her word, she makes me feel welcomed and loved. I thank her greatly.
I place my journal away and head downstairs, where everyone gathered in the sitting area. Quietly I listen to their conversation, I know eavesdropping is considered rude, but wouldn't you listen had you heard your name?

"I don't know if we should tell her, her very existence puts her in grave danger." I recognized Mr. Ravenwood's voice say. What on earth are they talking about?

"We cant protect her from herself." Alec's scowl was evident in his voice. I could practically feel Jace roll his eyes.

"Please, you just cant stand that you have to help someone you strongly dislike." Nathan had spoken at last. I frowned, why did he not like me?

"I don't 'dislike' her." Alec had mumbled. I would have scoffed had I not wanted to be discovered.

I decided to make my presence known, I stumbled down the last step. They immediately quietened down. "Hello," I waved awkwardly. Alec rolled his eyes distastefully at me. I glared at him, gaining a startled look. Suddenly I felt a warm tingle spread throughout my body, going dizzy I clutched the railing behind me.

Nathan rushed towards me, an unreadable expression flashed across Alec's face, I couldn't help but feel puzzled.

Everything went dark
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