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What goes on in someone's head when they have to audition and they have audition anxiety.
The emcee started talking over the loudspeakers, "Ladies and gents, today in this boxing match we will give you something that will make you sit on the edge of your seats because you just can not handle the thrills, the chills, and the spills of today's match." The crowd roared in excitement.

The emcee continued in his booming voice, "We will now introduce our contestants for todaaaaay's match! Over in the left corner, we have a returning boxer that has been returning to this match with our other contestant ever since the year two-thousand and eleven, give it up for 'Sheer Fear' also known as Audition Anxiety!" The crowd roared and a few members of the crowds raised signs to cheer on "Sheer Fear".

"Aaaaand in the opposite corner, we have another returning boxer!" The emcee continued. "She has been struggling with 'Sheer Fear!' ever since she was in the first grade, back in two-thousand and eleven! She's known for being one friendly gal when she's not shy. Folks, give it up for 'Shere Khan' or Jaaaade Amber Jewwwwwwwel!" The other half of the crowd roared and also held up signs to cheer her on.

"The contestants each have two minutes to get ready for the match! We'll be back, right after this." The emcee's mic cut off and Jade went back to her corner and sat down in her chair. Her dad squirted some water into her mouth while her mom massaged her back.

"You got this, tiger!" Her mom encouraged her. Jade was doing her best to put on a brave face, but she couldn't. She rolled off of her chair and crouched down so she could be eye level with her parents.
"I'm scared," she said worriedly.
"Hey," Her father put a hand on her shoulder. "I'm proud of you. No matter what happens, you'll always be my star."
"Thanks, Dad."

The daughter "booped" both her mom and dad's noses with her nose, stood up and looked around through the crowd. She saw the Henrys, holding up a sign that just read "Shere Khan" in orange with black stripes. She saw her friend Mackenzie and her family, cheering her on and holding up and sign that read "Go, Jade!" Jade continued scanning the crowd for her friends, The Wiggins, but they were nowhere to be found. Typical.

A bell dinged, signaling the start of the round. "Sheer Fear" stepped out, a sly grin across its face. Jade cracked her neck to show that she meant business. Both raised their hands in front of their face and "Sheer Fear" made the first move. It ran towards Jade and threw a punch towards her. Jade quickly bent down, out of the way of the punch, and punched "Sheer Fear" in the chest. It recoiled and Jade made her next move. She threw a fast punch, which was quickly blocked. She tried punching again and again, but the punches were blocked over and over. She finally stopped, but that was her downfall. Once she stopped, "Sheer Fear" gave a fast jab to her cheek, sending Jade down. The crowd gasped.

The round seemed to be over, ending it on a knockout. "Sheer Fear" dove so it could land on top of Jade in order to pin her down, but Jade punched it in the nose just before it landed. Blood gushed out. "Sheer Fear" fell to Jade's left which gave Jade time to make her next move. She quickly got up and crouched over top of it and started punching it in the face, over and over again. Finally, Jade ceased.

The referee counted down.






The crowd joined in.






"Jade, you're free to go now." Jade responded with a "Huh?"
"You're done with your audition. You can go now," The director repeated.
"Thank you," Jade responded with a smile and the director smiled back.

In Jade's head, she was leaning over her defeated opponent (both opponents were bloodied and bruised) and whispered, "You do not mess with Jade Amber, 'nuff said." The losing opponent laid on the ground with a bloodied grin on its face and whispered in a husky voice, "See you next round, 'Shere Khan'."
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