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My Entry for "The Dialogue 500" Contest.
"Excuse me, can I borrow your umbrella? I left mine at home and I burn very easily"

"What am I supposed to use?"

"Well, you're not even using it"

"It's there in case I decide to."

"Okay, but if your not using it, why not let someone use it that is in need of it. I mean, I can't imagine someone just letting it sit there not being used when someone in need asks to borrow it. What do you think I'm going to run of with it? Cause I'm not"

"It will sit there until I need it. I understand about your situation, I just don't care. Now please move, your blocking my sun"

"That's fine. I don't want to borrow it now. Besides I can just go buy one close by. If I ever have something you need, don't bother asking. And to think I was even going to get you an ice creme for letting me borrow your umbrella but now I wont."

"You weren't going to buy me an ice creme"

"Yes I was. I can get whatever I like. Even something for a pretty lady at the beach if I wanted. Why are you here all alone?"

"I'm not all alone. I'm just waiting for some friends, now scoot."

"Can I sit by you"

"God no, dont you realize when you're bothering someone."

"I'm just trying to show you kindness. My mom always used to say an old dog can learn new tricks."

"I think you have that backwards, besides I'm not a freaking dog."

"I know you're not. Do you like dogs?"

"No they're too much work, take up too much of my time, and they smell."

"You don't like anything do you?"

"I like many things. I'm just particular."

"I have an appointment to go to. Can I sit with you again tomorrow?"

"No. I wont be here tomorrow"

"But you're here every day. You always sit right here and set up that umbrella like someone's going to sit there and then you always play that beautiful song about love"

"What are you some crazy stalker, geeze. Well, I'm not going to be here tomorrow."

"Oh ok. Well, maybe next time then. I'm so glad I made a new friend."

"We're not friends. Okay I guess you can sit with me tomorrow."

"I thought you weren't going to be here."

"I lied"

"Are you playing hard to get my lady"

"I'm not playing anything I just"

"Oh. I better go. I'm going to be late. I'm sorry."

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow. Don't forget your umbrella."

"Can't I just use yours since were friends now?"


"Why not?"

"Because I said so"

"That's not an answer"

"That's my answer, now stop pushing."

"Okay, I'll see you tomorrow. What is your name by the way? Mine is Frank."

"It's Hazel"

"Nice to meet you Hazel. See you tomorrow. It's a date"

"Goodbye Frank. And it's not a date"

"Well it's just you and me now Harold. I'm playing our song. Boy do I miss you sweets. I made a new friend today. He doesn't compare to you but he's very handsome and thoughtful. We have a date tomorrow."
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