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"What is want? The need to want?" A question he could not answer, his life has been simply luxurious- being financially unstable is better than starving, not bathing or learning. He spoke to this voice,
"Humans need to want is our brains way of telling us to do something. Anything." If he has not deduced irrationally he thinks- what is being rational? What's the voice? Its just the human. "What is a leader?" It asks more, he does not know what a true one may be. "An individual worth listening to." He replies, there is silence in this black void- "By fear, submission?" Then he woke not in fear or confusion, but in content with this empty dream & whatever spoke in it. It may just be his subconscious- but that isn't the case. Nobody talks of a brain speaking to itself- it's own conscious, they would be 'crazy.' Closed his eyes.

"Belief. What is belief?" It asks as the stillness of his body is offset by his 'astral' self, whatever it may be. "Agreeing.. Or religiously following an entity that may be all-powerful." It keeps on. "Religion. Why?" There may be no reason, perhaps to rationalize that which humans see as otherworldly or beyond us. 'Does this question truly have an answer?' He asks himself. Are bad emotions supposed to be a part of it, a part of 'religion?' Or a part of humans we refuse to acknowledge as ourselves? Apparently books written by man- whom has been tainted by 'Sin' as God says, tell us that he gave a box to a servant that'd betrayed him, then made the 'woman' that'd open it out of curiosity. Would that mean God is Sin? He is the source of all negative & positive, having all ignore the negative to preach the positives? These questions go without answer.

"To fill what is empty in our minds may be why religion exists, to follow that who gives us purpose apart from choosing one ourselves. A leader cannot exist without a basis to build off of." Then again he wonders- 'What is being human?'

Is being human conforming to others needs, pleasing those who are displeased? Ignoring those who do not matter at all in any persons life? Pushing their views aside & asserting your own? It seems so. Humanity as a whole is a mixture of interests & many of the same- it is who leads, who wants to gather riches, glory or even keep their life going because their afraid of a life unlike their current ones- they that force conformation.
We do not choose to live under others who lead. Tyrants, dictators, monarchs, 'democracies', socialists.. They are all what we do not want but have to live under. They provide what is 'human rights' to their own but ignore what abominations other leaders do because it is not their people.. or do not provide any 'rights' at all.

Or they stifle uprising. Stifle a new system that wants to rise but is shut down. Stifle freedom of information, what people want to know & see. Extremists believe they are right. People who fight them believe they are right. A government destroying cities may think they are right- but that is subjective. No one human can lead but only influence for bad or good, or even for lust or bloodlust.
Then again who cares about individual beliefs? Not those who lead. Definently not those who hide in the shadows & lead a leader away from what might actually be 'good.' There are those who pull strings & let servants root out a new cause for a new system, & if they cant they cut off it's head & send another to ruin what may be a new cause for the new system.
Again- interests of all cannot be one. Humanity is to diverse to agree.
A voice that is just a human speaks, but what matter does that have? One of many apparently cannot choose their own path to leadership.

Others do for us.
You all can see it- look at history, the history the world decides to reveal before the people see it for themselves. It doesn't repeat but contrasts the future to the past, leadership is often in interest of the leaders.

What is being a human to others? To many others are monsters, immoral, greedy monsters.
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