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Where does the magic of the carnival reside? A Shadows and Light Poetry Entry

The buzzing blink of arcade lights
cast shadows, hiding peeling paint
from sight.

Blaring music, a drumming beat,
blends with the hawker's laughing plea
"Try me!"

Teddy bears and blow-up toys
hang limply, immune to the sound's

The midway, covered in congealed
cotton candy and caramel,

Voices shrieking, metal creaking;
rides for all ages offer their

Tempting treats bake under heat lamps,
their perfume an invitation
to taste.


The pieces of my past lay there;
my recollections, like watercolors,
flow together.

I stare at the vivid colors,
the textured details spread on the

The sounds, the movement, become real;
on my lips, the salty taste of

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An entry for the Round 62 of "Shadows and Light Poetry Contest
Prompt: Open
Maximum Line Count: 40
Line Count: 27
Form: Free Verse
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