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A party, an awful laugh, blood and halloween
It was Halloween night, Stella was having her typical yearly Halloween party. She was ecstatic for this year it was a full moon and she was going all out. The past week, Craig, her boyfriend, as well as a few select friends were helping her make it perfect. They had the old plantation house door covered in blood, spider webs were everywhere, those had been real. Thankfully Stella's parents never sent the maids to the plantation home, so every year it had just the right amount of dust and creaks to make it perfect. The party started like any other, guest were showing up, girls were screaming and holding onto there dates. Thanks to Chelsea who got the idea of making the only entrance a haunted trail through the woods. All you could hear was screams till you got to the house, then it was music and laughing. Everybody showed up that night, i only wish everyone had made it out. Hours passed and everything was still perfect, Stella's party was going to be the main talk of the town. In the midst of the party, we all heard Chelsea screaming, normally we wouldn't worry except nothing scared her. Niko,her date for the night, had left to check on her, moments passed.All we saw as he came back down, her limp body in arms, some thought it was a prank, for they were known for them. I could tell by his facial expression and the stiffness of him, it wasn't a joke. Somebody killed her, we needed to call the cops. I yelled out "we have to call the cops", Thankfully Stella agreed only we have no service out here and the land line was cut. Somebody had thought it through and did a good job planning. I only wish they hadn't done so well. The lines had been cut, doors had been sealed all we could do now was hope. I don't remember much from that night after Chelsea's body was found by Niko. Last thing i remember was the crackling sound of glass shattering and that laugh. That laugh. That voice. That deep awful laugh. It was Victor's laugh, Victors awful laugh. It haunts me at night...All those souls lost because of him.
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