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This is about finding a good pace in life.
a well-balanced life
it's not something
we wake up one morning
and just suddenly find
it's a daily battle sometimes

do what you have the strength for
and don't go overboard
when your body says
stop! slow down! take a break!
obey! or you'll be ridiculously sore

three things a day
Mom used to say
then sometimes, a full rest day
once or twice a month; quite okay

focus only on today
don't try and get ahead
there's no end to the list
another project needs fiddlin' with

pick a couple days a week
for laundry and floors to sweep
a couple days in town
if we're always drivin' 'round
it wears us down

Saturday is craft day
get out the lumber
I'll run the screw gun
just a few hours time
on something more fun!

work for the excitement!
it's a healthy relief
from the headaches of the week

now a Sunny day of leisure
do what you please
I don't care what's a mess
leave it alone; good grief!
have a nice day...be at peace!
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