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There are many reasons to like work even though some hate it. The social life is worth it.
Don't let the opportunity to work when you are young to slip away. It is a good investment or both time and energy. When you get older there are other things that enter your life that might interfere with working.

In my case work was cut short when I turned middle aged of 40 years old. I then was qualified for disability is all. I did not qualify for work very well. It was a good thing that I did have a previous work record under my belt to fall on especially being single without a helping partner.

I did however, managed some college experience in my forties and until 50 years old. It was then that I gave up the college lifestyle. From then on I did manage to do some part-time volunteer work to keep my somewhat busy. I did that for a few years and quit that also.

I managed to do some writing on a previous website that is no longer in service. And, now I'm writing again as I type on this new online writing experience for me. Life experiences sure has changed for me and has allowed me some time with a boyfriend or two or three. You know what they say--men will come and go but writing is here to stay.

I liked production work in the past and this is sort of the same in creating something, somehow from whatever comes upon my mind at the time. I'm still working alone at something though--my downfall of not socializing. Maybe I can reach out to some new friends here at this now site for me.

That is why I miss working the most at a regular job--the friends you meet there. Yes, there is nothing that replaces the work experience as a whole. It is life defining. Where would I be now without my work experience and now on disability?
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