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by Calyx
Rated: E · Poetry · LGBTQ+ · #2166350
Written after volunteering at the London Pride Parade, 2017.
Society, you limit me.
Your morals decided by irrelevant people -
They are a part of you, but not of me.
You restrict emotional, sexual, artistic freedom;
You are afraid of the chaos you might unleash
If you liberate the human mind.

London, you fool!
You assume this cage to be your framework
And surrender your expanse blindly, willingly;
The silence on a train, the rush on a road -
Those sacrificed connections slowly numb you
As you embrace the scramble that is society.

But London, you enigma,
When we strangers hold hands at a pride parade
And bright eyes meet mid-laugh on a train;
When we unrestrict ourselves just because we’re here
And share an umbrella when it rains so hard,
You break the rules and paint your reality.

July 12, 2017
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