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A simple story based around the feeling of being inside during a storm.
Thunder roars from outside the glass windows.


A golden bolt flashes across the sky.


I bury myself in soft cotton comfort as I wait for the storm to die down. The rains beat on the window panes like bullets at a shooting range.

I peer out from my comfy shield and make my way to the fireplace to stoke the cinders. The fire reaches out and grabs my leg, warming me up as I fight the vicious flames which burn like the brightest sun.

The rain slows. The air in the dusty bedroom I had hidden in was feeling calmer than it was earlier that evening.

I make my move towards the wet panes and throw them open with a creak.


The silver pillows in the ocean blue sky were lit up with bright colours from below. I looked closer and noticed that the sky had a glorious streak of seven wonderful colours.

A rainbow.

The day had already started off great upon seeing such a beautiful sight. I rushed down the stairs; leaving winds as strong as they were last night in the storm.

I threw open the door and almost flung it off of it's hinges as I rushed into the lush field of sunflowers that I had been growing since spring.

My nose was assaulted by the lovely fragrances and I ran to the middle of the meadow where the rainbow arced over the emerald green grass.

I was home.
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