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A day in the life of Jason, your average toddler boy.
8:30. Woke up in my crib. Diaper was wet, so I started making noise. Mommy came in and changed me, but I got bored and kicked her. She put a new diaper on and took me to breakfast.

9:00. These Cheerio thingies are tasty, especially when you slam the tray and eat one in midair! Mommy stopped me doing that, though, and fed me herself-and I just used a spoon last night!

10:00. Man, these train toys are fun!

10:05. Man, these blocks are fun!

10:08. Man, this hammer is fun!

10:12. Pooping. Get changed. Tried to roll away. Mommy didn't like that.

10:30. I'm hungry! Mommy gets me a soppy cup of juice and some animal crackers.

11:00. I play outside. I love my push mower!

12:00. Time for lunch! Carrots, yuck! Spaghetti! Yummy! But messy-mommy cleans me with a wipe!

12:30. More play time! First I pee my diaper, then I sit on my toy fire car!

1:00. Mommy changes me, and then... I.... Get... Zzzzzzzzz...

3:00. I'm up! And wet! Again! GET ME OUTTA DIS CRIB!


4:00. Mommy reads to me! Her voice is pretty. New juice, too.

5:00. Daddy comes home! We play, and I poop again. He changes me-and I like it! No kicks!

6:00. Dinner! I get chicken! It's okay.

6:30. I peed in the bathtub!

7:00. More daddy play, but he said he's tired.

7:30. Mommy reads to me again, and puts me in that zipper in the back suit thingy!

8:00. Another sippy cup!

8:30. I love you... Mommy.... Zzzzzzzz.
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