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about my first day of middle school.( warning I don't care about my grammar. its bad)
the day starts.........
I wake up ready for what the world has to hit me with. And as it turns out they threw a pretty big punch. Little did I expect that today was the day I got sent to hell. I begged pleaded and cried. But too bad my sick plan didn't work.

I gaze at an old photo praying that this was a dream. and that I didn't have to to go to the place I dreaded most.
I felt a big lump in my stomach for I had knew the time was drawing near. I could hear my mother yelling my name for me to come to the car. I knew that today was gonna be an awful day.

Welcome to hell........
Im in the car line freaking out. Then the car stops. I'm staring at the building. I exit the car very slowly. I walk to where I believe I am supposed to be. I creak the gym doors open a crack to see what was going on. I FOUND IT! I stroll in finding who I know to sit by them. Then it hits me.....I DIDNT GET MY SCHEDULE.
I sit there panicking as the air feels thicker.I forget to breath for a moment. Then they say "anyone who didn't get an agenda please come forward. "oh I didn't get it, maybe I can if they know where my schedule is." I step up and I talk to who is supposed to be the 6th grade counselor. She seemed very intimidating. she was wearing all dark clothing with piercings and she had dark pink hair. She asked, "Your name?" I quickly respond,"Gaby".
I watched as she swiped through the pages. She then looks me in the eye and asks,"Do you have your schedule?"
I of course said no and explained my situation to her. She tells me to go to (insert random woman name)
I then walk to where I was supposed to go. HUH?! ur not supposed to be here. go to ( insert another name). Franticly I race towards where I was directed. then I panicking. My heart starts racing and my anxiety begins to rush through my eyes. Salty tears run down my face. I was tired of running around. I get to my last location. She asks for my name. I prepare for rejection. Then I hear it. The sound of printing. the sound that saved me from crying even more.

Lets just say that day wasn't half as bad as the rest of my year.
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