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Childhood Saturday nights were spent eating spaghetti and watching goofy television shows.
When I was growing up, my mom would have designated weekend nights she would fix certain meals: fish sticks on Friday, roast beef on Sunday and spaghetti on Saturday-the old-fashioned kind of spaghetti, with the sauce mixed in and big, round, seasoned meatballs. It was something I could count on, this comfort food, and I also looked forward to the later evening after dinner. That was when we almost always watched the Carol Burnett Show. We loved seeing her shiny outfits and the questions from the audience. The Tarzan call was a lot of fun, and so were the cheesy sketches. We liked the crazy characters and the way Harvey Korman always tried to keep from laughing.

Since there are six girls in my family, we also watched the annual Miss America contest that usually aired on Saturday night. It was unashamedly politically incorrect, with contestants judged heavily on looks and figure. They even announced the weight and height of each contestant. It seemed perfectly normal at the time. Bert Parks was the usual emcee and he would dutifully and energetically sing the Miss America song at the end. The winner would wave happily in a shimmering evening gown, her bright eyes fringed with eyelashes caked with waterproof mascara and her studded crown being held up by perfectly coiffed hair. Once or twice we had our own beauty pageant afterwards, and all six of us would do our best to act the glamorous part. But I don't remember if I ever won or not lol.

Watching late-night professional wrestling would also sometimes be a part of Saturday night TV watching. It was not as over-the-top as it is now, and not as complicated and money-driven as the wrestling industry is today. I would end up getting very sleepy watching the wrestling because it was on so late. I wanted the programming to last all night, but inevitably, the white and black fuzz would show up signaling the end of TV programming for the day. I wanted it to last because the next day was church, and the day after that, school, except in the summer. And I didn't care for either. Back then, I wanted Saturday night to last forever.

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