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by Jacky
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Flash Fiction

‘Too much coffee.’ Andy thought.

He’d been at the motel going over plans and drinking some coffee Gerald brought him. Gerald had a contact inside the jewelry store Andy hadn’t met. Gerald thought he would be better not knowing who it was till they met up in Fiji.

Gerald had gone into the store a couple times as a potential customer. Gerald was the go between. The contact in the store making the list of what to take and where it was which Andy had to memorize. Gerald would pick up the jewels from Andy’s drop spot, so Andy could get away. Gerald’s excuse for being in the area, his intended purchase.

As Andy stood in the doorway, watching the flashing lights arrive, the coffee hit, he felt loopy. He was supposed to stay here until a crowd gathered. Now, clenching his muscles like crazy, he had to move or relieve himself in the doorway. This suddenly seemed funny, doorway it was.

He was actually arrested for public urination. He was turned in by a clerk in the jewelry store who apparently saw him. When he surrendered all his belongs, out popped a diamond bracelet. He had no idea how it had gotten into his pocket.

Gerald knew. Sandy had slipped it in. Sandy was the clerk, and the inside contact. She was also a very accomplished pickpocket and Gerald’s girlfriend. She also made wonderful coffee, sometimes with a secret ingredient. She was actually making some now, for Gerald, in the little hut they’d rented on a beach in Hawaii. She and Gerald had just finished selling off all the jewels to create a “life savings.” Gerald happily drank the coffee.

Confused and disorientated as the rest of his life was, Andy never forgot that coffee. Neither did Gerald.
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