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by Twiga
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A story made with three themes 'Basketball' 'Greed' and 'Religion' an Anthro Story
So this story came while having three pieces of paper while at the game shop and no ideas at the moment so I took a Mangaka Game shuffled the Theme Cards and drew three themes to combine into a story those were ‘Basketball’ ‘Greed’ and ‘Religion’ this is the story that resulted

Basketball is a popular sport among Humanimals, for the reason a large amount of species can play it. It doesn’t require you to be super fast like sprinting and it doesn’t require you be burly and brawny like American Football.

Of course our story has to focus on something...Dan Maple was a Pig-Man Humanimal from the Deep South, he was unusual among Humanimals as he was unusually fond of money, and it seemed he was an uncharacteristically bad sport among Humanimals, always boasting and gloating, you could say he was even a bit of a ‘Ball Hog’.

Soon a new team member came to the Biloxi Voodoo. Phoebus Corvain, a Utahraptor who had been born and raised in the Wilderness and had only just recently come to civilization. Phoebus was a deeply religious Humanimal and liked to pray before and after every game. Dan attempted to mock the Dinosaur for his religiousness,

The other team members were more wary, knowing Phoebus was a freaking Dromaeosaur and didn’t want to be on the receiving end of his sickle claw.

Phoebus on his part maintained a calm, beatific attitude, though when Dan attempted to mock him during his prayers Phoebus would raise an eye ridge but wouldn’t say anything.

Phoebus turned out to be an excellent player, often outshining Dan in most games! It wasn’t long before Coach declared Phoebus ‘Most Valuable Player’ causing Dan to squeal with envy!

Soon Basketball Season was over and Phoebus decided to head back to the Wilderness to be with his Herd.

Dan meanwhile was fuming! He had to bring down that Dinosaur! But how? As Dan walked down the street he heard a ‘Psst!” and saw a Shadowy Hand beckoning him to come into a dark alley.

While following strangers into darkened alleys isn’t normally the wisest action, Dan decided to follow the shadow into the darkened alley, he had a good feeling about this….

More soon to come, the Biloxi Voodoo is an actual team in the Furry Basketball Association Fantasy Sports, Humanimals however live if a different story than the Furries of FBA
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