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by Paul D
Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Sci-fi · #2166930
Into the fuiture.
Insert chip for the latest update.

Por127567 slammed the chip on the floating table. “I'm sick and tired of stinking updates. That's the second one this week.”

Ven063121 smiled. “Obviously, the earlier emotional response updates had an adverse affect on you.”

Por shook his head in disagreement. “I was watching a vid of a time thousands of years ago when people yelled and screamed, and it was considered normal.”

Ven put her hand on Por's neck and replied, “And whatever became of these normal people?”

Por frowned. “Okay, okay, most of them blew themselves to smithereens. No one is perfect.”

Ven laughed. “But we're nearer to perfection than any other life form.”

“With no blood to infect and no inhalation to pollute, we have a distinct advantage over other creatures.”

“That's quite an assumption, Por. We're the only life left on Earth, and none has been discovered anywhere else.”

“Agreed, still, there were thousands of space ships launched after the disaster 7500 years ago. There could be many colonies out there somewhere.”

Ven squeezed Por's neck. “No one has heard a word from them since they left. Giving them a single thought is a waste of memory.”

Por raised his hand and gripped Ven's. “They gave us life. It would be inconsiderate to forget about them.”

Ven kissed Por's cheek. “Your empathy is one of the things I love so much about you. That and the creaking of your left knee.”

Por turned around and faced Ven. “What on earth are you going on about? My left knee does not creak.”

“Actually, it does, and your pretending otherwise is pure nonsense. I know you hate going to the depot for replacement parts, but that's no excuse for ignoring the problem. What would happen if the knee breaks down, or worse, and your lower leg falls off?”

“Ven, manufacturing problems goes against your logic program. My knee is fine.”

The leg fell to the tile floor with a loud clank. “Oops, I guess you were right.”

Ven put her hands on her hips and replied, “No kidding. Stop fooling around and get going to the transporter.”

“I really hate that thing,” Por complained. “I think it's the cause of my leg falling off. It was perfectly good until the last time I used that horrible device.”

“Stop being a baby, Por. Millions of Earthlings use transporters every day with no ill affects.”

“So you say, but if there was a problem, the Council of Nine would never release that data.”

“Stop grumbling and enable your gravs.”

Por sighed and said, “Gravs.” He floated off floor then bent over to lift the fallen leg. “I hope the transporter doesn't mess with my memory.”

“I hope you reach the transorter some time today. I have much better things to do other than to baby sit you.”

“Why are you being such a nag, Ven?”

“Because I love you even if you are just a bucket of bolts and electronics.”

Por grinned. “Isn't love great?”

501 words
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2166930