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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Death · #2166979
The treacherous waters, one boat, a captain and her first mate. Can both survive???
Thousands of feet below the surface of the water, the Serendipity lays. Her bow crushed and cut, buried under the sand, after sitting on the ocean floor these many years. Lost out somewhere by the Bermuda triangle, the forgotten sailboat and the lost soul taken with it lies hoping to see the sun's bright rays again, feel the wind run against the top and get caught within the sails but sadly that hasn’t happened in almost 10 years. Serendipity was captained by Louise and her first mate Hope, they had been traveling together for twenty years, before the serendipity went down. Louise wasn’t quiet or little like Hope nor was she loud and big, she was more of stuck in the middle. She was the captain, the only one who could. They had been out one night and lost control when they fell off course and ended up lost in the treacherous waters. By the time they regained control, it had been too later for they were only a few feet away from the sharp rocks hidden within the fog. With no motor and the sails ripped, Louise could take the chance of saving Hope or she could save herself for there wasn’t enough time to unhook the life boat and save Hope. As the Serendipity Went down, Louise yelled for Hope, wishing she would wake while she unhooked the lifeboat. Hope would not wake and Louise knew she had to leave. In tears she got in the life boat and left. Hope never woke so when the Serendipity sank, Hope died with it.

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