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steve and tony are in love what's new
Tony could hear the keys jingling, knowing that Steve was going to unlock the door soon. He didn't understand why he constantly locks the door when Tony's home, and when he asked Steve about it, he said something about Tony being too absorbed in his computer. In Tony's humble opinion, he wasn't that inattentive; he could notice if someone broke into their apartment, for Christ's sake.

Back to the topic at hand, Steve coming home means Steve bringing food, which is always a good thing. He could hear Steve stumbling into the apartment, probably holding pizza in his left hand and some off-brand juice in his right.

Tony thought Steve was being kind of illogical when it came to ordering pizza and other fast food; he always picked it up himself because he didn't want to torture the workers who already do so much for us. Tony tried explaining that's why they pay them extra when they deliver the order to our front door, but Steve just wouldn't listen. He dropped it and let Steve do his thing because he already realized that it was pointless to argue with Steve; both of them were too stubborn and it wouldn't end well if they refused to change their attitudes.

"I brought food," Steve said loudly, not quite yelling, as he set everything on the table in the dining room slash kitchen. Steve dislikes eating meat, although he doesn't call himself a vegetarian, so he bought himself a vegetarian pizza and Tony a normal one. The juice he bought is, of course, the healthiest affordable juice he could find. It weirded out Steve that Tony doesn't actually mind drinking those, considering how pissy he gets when Steve even mentions healthy food.

"Thanks! Can you bring me mine? Pretty please," Tony answered, refusing to leave his chair. If Steve was feeling particularly good today, he would actually do it. Probably not, but whatever. It was worth a shot.

"I'm not your babysitter!" Tony could hear the plastic bags as Steve put the juice in the fridge, reminding him yet again how starved he was.

"Dickhead," Tony mumbled under his breath, and really, no one should've heard him, but Steve is Steve and of course nothing slips by him.

"Heard that."

"Sorry." He wasn't sorry at all. He finally stood up from his chair and he could feel his bones cracking pleasantly as he stretched. Steve went back to his room to change as Tony left his to grab a slice of his pizza. He propped his legs on the table and practically inhaled the slice.

"Breathe, you're gonna choke," Steve warned him as soon as he came back. He took his pizza and started eating, although not as passionately as Tony, who snorted at the unintentional innuendo.

"Shut up, Tony."

"I didn't say anything," he defended himself.

"I could basically hear your thoughts."

"Damn, that definitely doesn't sound creepy as fuck."

Steve chose to ignore him as he switched the channel to Animal Planet, also known as the only channel he watches other than sports and history channels. That's basically the only thing making noise in the house; Steve's usually quiet as a mouse and Tony listens to music on his earphones.

"Of my Gof, fhe bunny isf gonnwa die," Tony said, his mouth full of food.

"Shush," Steve said. The predator was chasing the bunny, who was desperately trying to escape and survive. It was faster than Tony expected, and it somehow managed to sneakily lose the predator.

"Hell yeah," Steve said under his breath, and then louder, "Your assignment is due tomorrow, right?"

"Yeah, I thought it would be a wonderful idea to procrastinate and pull a double all nighter right at the end of the deadline," Tony answered his question, reaching for a glass to pour the juice in. "What about you?"

"I'm gonna sleep at Bucky's place tonight cause he's sad his friend with benefits dumped him. Is dumped the right word? Anyway, he has nothing to do these days," Steve answered, his eyes abandoned the TV in favor of their conversation. Tony snorted with laughter.

"Maybe he should pick up the book instead of collecting fuck buddies like trophies," Tony said, and then added, "Please tell him I said that."

"You're the one to talk. You literally only do the bare minimum so you don't fail the year." Steve smiled. Tony mumbled something under his breath that sounded a lot like childish whining as he bit into his third slice of pizza. Their gazes returned to the TV, now watching kittens fuck around with adorable commentary in the background, and a comfortable silence set in.


Steve made his way to Bucky's building and was now taking the stairs (doesn't like elevators because they make him nervous, the main reason why he's so buff) to Bucky's apartment. Bucky lived alone, and he preferred it that way. His whole house is a mess though, and he claims that he's going to get a maid once he becomes a billionaire. Steve would've been worried for him if he weren't his childhood friend.

He opened the door, not bothering to knock, and toed off his shoes.

"Hey, Buck."

"Hey, what's up?" Bucky's voice came from the living room, slightly muffled (by food or a pillow, probably). Steve plopped down on the couch, sitting next to Bucky, as he watched him play PS4 for a while in silence. He kept dying every three minutes and it took Steve every single ounce of power not to burst out laughing. Bucky himself made it even worse; you couldn't really see it on his face, but he slowly inched closer to the TV, started sweating, and tapping his foot on the ground.

"You alright there, buddy?" Steve asked, feigning sympathy, as he took a sip of Bucky's cola.

"Fuck you," Bucky answered, no emotion behind the words, and it was almost scary.

"Looks like Dark Souls is too hard for you. Wanna try Roblox?" Steve continued to tease, and Bucky finally gave up. His back hit the couch again and he sighed dramatically.

"No more pussy, Rogers." Bucky said, his voice full of sorrow that made Steve wonder if he was faking it or was actually genuinely upset.

"Why did she leave you anyway?"

Bucky mumbled something incoherent, a self pitying smile beginning to form on his lips.

"What was that?"

"I told her her best friend was a real cutie and if she wanted a threesome, and she got offended because she thought I was better than that," Bucky explained, focusing on the glass in his hands.

"You're kind of a dickhe--," Steve began, but Bucky interrupted him

"I know, I just didn't know we were supposed to be exclusive," he rubbed his eyes tiredly, "I mean, I didn't have sex with anyone else, but I didn't think it was that serious."

Steve nodded astutely, his forehead scrunching up in concentration.

"Did you apologize at least?"

"I did, but she didn't take me seriously," Bucky answered. Steve could imagine exactly how it went, and honestly, he didn't blame the girl. Bucky has a specific kind of aura around him that makes all of his apologies sound fake.

He did feel bad for him, but it's better that he finds someone who he cares about and who cares about him, rather than constantly switch them like underwear. He didn't like Buck's playboy reputation, although it's still a mystery how exactly he earned that title, considering all he does is play his precious PS4 and somewhat survive on noodles and scrambled eggs.

"It's fine, it'll pass soon enough," Bucky said after a while, taking a sip of his soda and glancing at Steve, "You gonna crash here tonight?"


Bucky got up and fetched another joystick, handed it to him, and they started playing FIFA.

Bucky won most of the time, but Steve didn't feel too bad. It was a proof he didn't spend a good 90% of his life practicing playing a video game. It was also nice to see Bucky brighten up, but Steve's gonna keep that to himself.

"Gotta piss," Steve said and got up, stretching his muscles as he went. When he came back, Bucky was staring at his phone. He silently handed it over to Steve.

"Hey, James. I am organizing a party this Saturday at my house. There is going to be food and some beer, but if you wish, you can bring some of your own. Hopefully, you can make it," Steve mumbled as he read, because he's one of those people who do that. Tony thinks it's super annoying when he shows Steve a meme and he reads it aloud before laughing. It ruins the atmosphere, Tony insists.

"You gonna go?"

"Sure, man, it's Thor's party," Steve answered and handed the phone back to Bucky. Thor was one of his closest friends, and Steve cherished him. Thor was honest and trustworthy, but not naive. He often volunteered at the shelter with his friend Valkyrie, but otherwise, he didn't have a job because his parents are quite rich. He never seemed like he was spoiled, though, and the only reminder he's rich is that he doesn't pay much attention to the studies. At times, it seems like he's in the US for fun more than anything else.

Bucky quickly tapped a message with speed that nearly matched Tony's, and put his phone down.

"Ready to get your ass whooped again?"

"Uh-huh, if calling it that makes you feel better."


Steve's wearing a plaid shirt and black jeans, paired with red sneakers. Not flashy, typical, normal. Just like Steve likes it.

Steve wouldn't be able to tell you what Tony's wearing, though, because he won't hurry the fuck up.

"Party is starting in, like, twenty minutes," Steve said loudly, "Hurry up."

"Oh, haven't you heard? It's cool to be fashionably late nowadays," Tony replied nonchalantly, mostly to piss Steve off. He was actually nearly done, he just couldn't find the perfume, but Steve doesn't need to know that. "Besides, Barnes is late too, isn't he?"

Bucky was their ride, since he was the one who can both drive and afford a car. And he hasn't arrived yet. Steve thinks it's kinda his fault too, he should've known better than to actually get ready on time.

"Done," Tony said as he opened the door of his room. Steve was sitting in one of the chairs of the dining table, looking at his phone and looking bored.

"Finally," he looked up and smiled, which kinda contrasted his words. Tony thought he has a pretty nice smile.

Tony was also wearing black jeans, but paired with an Iron Maiden t-shirt. He was sitting for maybe five seconds maximum when Steve told him Barnes is waiting for them outside.

"Let's go," Tony said. They turned all the lights off and Steve checked the stove three times before they actually left the apartment. They didn't even use it today. Or ever.

Tony and Steve were sitting in the back, and in the front were Bucky and a guy Tony didn't know.

"I'm Tony, by the way," he said to the guy. He turned around and smiled, "I'm T'Challa."

Huh, that was an interesting name. Tony didn't point it out, though. God knows he hates when people go Oh my God, Tony Stark? That kid genius? Can you calculate 43 times 144 in your head?

It's annoying.

And yes, he can. It's 6192.

The radio was on, and they were chattering about random topics. It waried from that League of Legends nonsense, Tony's work, T'Challa's sister, and a bunch of other things.

Bucky pulled over near Thor's house and the boys got out.

"Friends! It is a pleasure to see you here. I'm glad you could make it!" Thor said in his usual deep voice, yet still managing to sound like an overexcited puppy.

"Hey, Thor, what's up?" Bucky sounded a bit anticlimactic compared to Thor's tone, but he didn't seem to mind.

The party was lively already, which is expected since they were late, and their lil group broke up. T'Challa immediately spotted Okoye and went to chat with her. Bucky knew her as well, but she was kind of making him piss his pants in fear whenever she looks at him, so he decided to stick next to Steve for a while. Tony found Bruce in the garden behind the house and his science-dar went "!!!", so he left as well.

"Sam!" Steve said loudly and went to hug him, and Bucky mumbled something about thinking he prefers Okoye and quickly disappeared.

"Hey, man! Good to see you, how's it going?" Sam replied, and it was smooth sailing from there.


The night went amazing. Thor's cooking is delicious, the house was big, and Tony honestly wished for more nights like these. It was around 3AM, and only Thor's closest friends were present (or at least ones that weren't shitfaced.)

Natasha and Bruce were helping Thor clean up the mess inside, and Steve and Tony were cleaning up outside. Clint was one of those in the shitfaced category and he was currently mumbling and laughing to himself on the couch.

Thor's brother just said, "Not my party", and went back to his room.

"Imagine if we put this much effort in cleaning our house, damn," commented Steve as he picked up the chairs that fell over.

"But there isn't anyone that can judge us back there," Tony replied, and Steve huffed a laugh.

"It's Thor, he wouldn't judge us or anything."

"Exactly, it's Thor. Maybe he wouldn't judge us, but don't tell me you wouldn't feel like a piece of shit if you didn't help him," Tony replied, and bent over to pick another empty can of beer.

Steve replied with a quiet Fair enough1 and they went back to silently cleaning. Steve could see the thin layer of sweat across Tony's forehead, though, and he went inside to get Tony and himself another cold beer. They deserved a break, didn't they?

"Here you go," Steve said as he put the beer on the table, remembering he doesn't like being handed things.

"That for me?", Tony asked, and Steve nodded as he sat down on the log, "Thank you."

Tony sat beside him, their arms brushing, and opened his can. They were basking in the comfort only a silence between two close friends can offer.

Tony was lost in his thoughts for a while, thinking about various things; his future, Stark Industries, family, friends. He wondered where he would end up.

He thought about his past, too; he thought about Jarvis, and his plans for J.A.R.V.I.S., his mother. He thought about high school, Pepper and Rhodey, and how he met Steve. They absolutely couldn't stand each other in the beginning, and while they still fight like crazy, that intent to hurt isn't present anymore.

Tony turned his head to look at Steve.

Steve was lost in thought as well. He had a slight frown on his face, his eyes gazing at the moon above the two-story house. His right hand was limply grasping his can, and it looked weightless; Tony had no clue if Steve drank most of it or he just made it look effortless. His head was propped up on his left palm, and Tony just notices the small details on Steve's face; a pimple here or there, the slight stubble, the scar in the middle of his forehead that could be mistook for a wrinkle.

Suddenly, Steve's looking at him and he doesn't look surprised at all that Tony's looking at him. He must've noticed from the corner of his eye.

He had a smile on his face, and it didn't look teasing like Tony expected it to be. They held each other's gaze for a moment, before it was interrupted by loud laughter coming from the inside and their eyes automatically snapped towards the house. They were probably laughing at something Clint said, or maybe Loki came downstairs and roasted his brother.

"We should continue," Steve said as he threw his empty can at the trash can, and both Steve and Tony looked surprised that he actually managed to get it in from that distance.

"Yeah," Tony's voice was a bit hoarse from all that silence, and he cleared his throat before standing up.


Steve's having a nice day. No classes today, he got to talk with uncle Abe, and he's volunteering at the shelter. He's usually the guy who does the cleaning, like bowls and stuff, but recently he has been promoted and now he's working directly with animals.

wyd [10:23AM]

I'm at the shelter [10:32AM]

oh lol [10:32AM]
send a pic [10:32AM]

Attachment: 2 images [10:37AM]

whst the fuck is that thinf [10:38AM]

It's an opposum, Buck [10:38AM]

that's a real fucked up looking dog lmao [10:39AM]
i was hoping for a kitten or something lmao [10:39AM]

What's wrong with opposums? :( [10:39AM]

And that was the end of their conversation. Few hours later, Bucky would text Steve again and pick up a totally different subject, but Steve's used to it.

Attachment: 2 image(s)

aw a ferret

That's an opposum

Attachment: 1 image(s)

Ikr it's adorable.
She was stuck and some kids saved it, but she was really thin, so they gave her to us

send more

Attachment: 3 image(s)

its cute
what's its name?

Names are usually temporary here, but it's name is smokeu

And that's how Steve's shift went; talking to Tony, feeding opossums, and taking pictures of kittens. He was checking if everyone had food and water, and was about to leave, before a particularly loud meow caught his attention. He turned around and saw Smokey looking at him pathetically, it's dark grey ears flattened against his small head.

Steve frowned as he thought.

Are you allergic to cats

no why
wait Steve no
oh my god you're doing it aren't you

Steve's phone kept buzzing in his pocket, but Steve didn't particularly care right now. Tony was probably just freaking out, and Steve was kind of too busy carrying a kitten to check his phone.


"Tony? Open the door for me," Steve said loudly, not exactly shouting, as he held the box in his hands. He could carry it with one hand for two seconds he needs to unlock and open the door, but he doesn't want to risk it.

Also, Tony is kind of a lazy fuck and it's costs zero dollars to actually stand up and open it.

Steve could hear the footsteps, then jingling of keys, before he was greeted with Tony's messy hair and doe eyes. His eyes immediately flew to the box, and as if on cue, the kitty meowed.

"Give me one good reason not to shut the door in your face," Tony said, voice neutral yet dripping with irritation at the same time.

"I have a nice face."

"Looks can't get you everywhere," Tony said, but stepped aside and held the door open for Steve. He put the box on the ground and the kitten looked around curiously. It's eyes landed on Steve and it came closer. Steve looked to Tony with a smug smile.

"Looks never failed me so far."

"I'm gonna pretend this never happened," Tony shook his head and looked aside. The kitten meowed again and Steve gently picked it up and set it beside the box which was too big for Smokey to jump out of. They were unabashedly staring at it as if it's gonna get lost if it doesn't have their undivided attention, and frankly they should've been embarrassed, but they just didn't have it in them.

"So, we're keep--"


"Why not?" Steve honest to god pouted, "I'll keep it in my room."

"You want a pacifier and a Barbie doll too?" Tony said and tried to suppress a smirk. He was riling Steve up and kind of felt bad--.

Okay, who is he kidding? He loved riling up Steve because he got so passionate about unimportant things and it was hilarious. When Steve and Tony first met Loki, Tony made a quip about his greasy hair and Steve argued with Tony for nearly an hour because Tony that was rude.

(Loki immediately replied with at least I don't have a rat living above my upper lip, and Tony brought it up afterwards, so Steve had to agree that yeah, Loki could be a dick too.)

Or when Clint came over and they commented about random famous women, and Steve argued with them for over twenty minutes because Tony, you two are disgusting and you should give women the respect they deserve.

(Clint figured it out too and now he's joined Tony on his quest.)

Or when Tony had six energy drink cans scattered in his room and told Steve he drank all of them in one day, Steve argued with him for forty minutes because Tony you need to take care of yourself, please, I'm worried about you.

(That last one didn't turn out like Tony wanted it to and it left him with this weird feeling in his stomach.)

Anyway, back to the pacifiers.

"Tony, I'm serious. You know how much animal lives mean to me, right? I'm not a fucking child that can't take care of a kitten. I'll keep it in my room. I can't just return it now, what if someone horrible adopts it and she ends up having a horrible life? You know h--" Steve was gonna go on, really, but Tony's amused snort stopped him. He narrowed his eyes in suspicion.

"You fell for it again," Tony said, biting his cheeks so he wouldn't laugh, although he probably looked like an idiot. Steve took a deep breath.

"You're horrible."

"Clint's gonna love this," Tony pulled his phone seemingly out of nowhere and started texting Clint, presumably.

"This isn't over yet, by the way. You're gonna come to the shelter with me one day, so you see how it actually is over there," Steve said, and had full intention of fulfilling his promise. Steve's eyes found Smokey again, who was wandering around, mostly hiding below chairs and plant pots.

"We should change its name."

"I was thinking about Nini or maybe Coco."

"You've given this a lot of thought, huh."

And they planned away. Nini was going to be in Steve's room for a while, but they were gonna move her to the living room when she grows up a little. Steve bought everything Nini needed, and Tony and Steve split the cost. Steve was the one who actually had experience with animals, so he was gonna train her, although he kind of expected Nini was going to love Tony more regardless.


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