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Sari Sumdac grows more than meets the eye
It was a normal day with little problems from anyone or the Decepticons. The Autobots were relaxing but really up to do their duty. Earth wasn't in trouble and there was nothing in nearby planets to be conserned about. Sari Sumdac was with Bumblebee and they were unaware of what's about to happen to Sari. It was slow and they were trying to figure out what they could do.

"Since you're suppose to be a human but really a technorganic being, do you think you would grow like a normal human?" Bumblebee asked.

"I don't know. I'm a little curious about that myself, especially in the assets part." Sari said.

Soon Sari felt something happening. Bumblebee picked the girl up and looked at her. They knew she was a robot as well as an organic being but not completely both while neither. Her father and creater told her that she has the possibility to grow like a real and proper girl. What she's feeling could be that. Bumblebee didn't know much about human females and Sari was still young, they didn't know what's going on. They shrugged it off as nothing for the time being. It soon came up and Sari wondered what it was.

"What the heck?" Sari asked.

Bumblebee looked at her and they watched as her chest swelled up. It grew up to a solid DD-cup. She felt them and liked it. Bumblebee poked her chest with his large, robotic finger which made her giggle. Her butt swelled up and it balanced her out. This seemed good but it wasn't over. They looked her over in curiosity and hoped that it happens again. It took a while before Sari felt it happen again. They watched as her breasts and butt grew bigger and bigger by the second until they stopped. They liked how she looks as well as mature looking she looks. Though bigger assests weren't the only things to get bigger. She began to grow taller and appeared to grow older by the second. As her orignal self, the chest and butt she has looked to big for her. They were roughly 3 times bigger than her head. Now they look relatively normal now but still quite big. Her hair was down to her waist in her pony tails which was a little strange but she doesn't mind it. Sari looked at herself in the mirror she has in her room and liked how she looks older and curvier. She loves her hourglass figure and knew that it could be benificial to her and the others if and when needed. The question is how and when.
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