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wrote this for the no dialogue contest but wanted to start a portfolio
Chloe Daniel's mother, Ana was her best friend, role model, even her hero. They were inseparable. Ana was perfect in the eyes of her daughter. Ana had an admirable strength and integrity about herself.
When Ana passed away from Ovarian Cancer she left Chloe lost and afraid. Chloe went on an endless search to fill the void that she felt. She started sleeping around with various men - from relationships to one night stands - anything to feel love and attention. She wanted to take her mind off of her mother and the depression that she sunk into immediately upon hearing the news. Eventually she turned to drugs, where she became addicted to heroin.

The drug world was a place she never imaged herself involved with in a million years. Before now, Chloe never went to parties or got into trouble. She never drank alcohol or stayed out late. She was your typical, cliché good girl.

At her lowest, must vulnerable point, when introduced to heroin, she fell in love. At first it was exciting and fun. She got an adrenaline rush from the risk and adventure. She was meeting new people; bad boys especially whom piqued an interested she never knew existed.

She became extremely self destructive, ruining everything she spent her entire life working hard for. Chloe dropped out of college, leaving behind her scholarship to NYU only months away from getting her degree in interior design. She stopped showing up to work without notice at the local paint and sip. She was also a no-show to her yoga and reiki classes. These were all her passions months ago while now, she slowed no interest. She was giving up on herself.

Heroin ultimately gave her comfort while numbing her pain and sorrows. It was a welcomed distraction from her grief. While in the beginning heroin was enjoyable, the fun began to slowly fade while problems took its place. Before long, she could no longer get through the day without using. Her personality was changing dramatically. Chloe began neglecting her family, friends and her responsibilities. Things she once enjoyed were memories of the past. She stopped taking care of herself and appeared emaciated.

Finally, Chloe's father, Paul had enough and wouldn’t watch her self destruct any longer. He threw her out of the house until she went to rehab and got her life together. Paul was praying that she would truly go to rehab like she promised and take it seriously. He recently joined Al-anon to gain a better understanding his daughter and how to approach her current, fragile state. He wanted his loving, sweet daughter back. He couldn’t believe the monster she had turned into- stealing money out of his wallet. It broke his heart to see his only daughter struggling but he learned from Al-anon that he can't enable her. He did all he could by leading her to a rehab and praying that she has the strength to recover and return home safely. If she doesn’t stay clean, Chloe was no longer allowed home. He wasn’t helping her by making it easier for her. It was now her decision if she was ready to help herself.

Chloe was walking down the highway determined to make her destination. The blizzard winds whipped through her, sending her stumbling off balance. Sheets of thick ice layered the grounds leaving it slick and slippery beneath her. Yet she won't give up - not when she knows what's on the line. She was determined to get her life and family back. She has fallen but she won't allow herself to sink further. Whether it was due to her father kicking her out or her most recent overdose scare, something was pushing her to follow through with treatment. Whatever the case, she knows she needs help. She doesn’t want to be dead like her mother. As much as she wants to be with her, she suddenly has the will to live. She wants to be home with the rest of her family, warm by the fireplace. She forgot during the last year where true unconditional love came from. It didn’t stop with her mother, and it certainly didn’t come from the men she was seeing - it came from home - from her entire family. They loved her even through everything she put them through with her addiction. She had a few more miles to walk until she reached the rehab. Upon completion, she'd be returning home but this time she knew she'd appreciate what she had.
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