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Commentary on the effects of words and actions towards each other
The walk

Today I took a solemn walk while thinking of this life
How people's words and actions can just cut you like a knife

Some may come by ignorance and others with great thought
Not knowing what they're saying or reflecting what they're taught

A harsh word in a time of stress may roll right off the tongue
With devastating consequences to a life that's just begun

That broken promise leaves behind a torn and battered heart
A life that is left empty now without a place to start

Or striking out with sweet revenge to tear apart a soul
Not ever feeling loved again and struggling to be whole

Why do this to each other when it causes so much pain
When there's only everything to lose and nothing to be gained

Speak words of loving kindness to build-up another's life
While empathizing with their pain and minimizing strife

Integrity should be the mark of every promise made
Your word should be your bond if not a heavy price is paid

To hurt someone in word or deed should not be who we are
Showing grace and love to everyone is the better choice by far

I ask forgiveness every day for the pain I may have brought
To people in my life by either action, word or thought

We all should take some time to think as to who we want to be
Living a life of hate and bondage or in love completely free
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