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Entry for No dialogue contest August 2018 WC: 350 prompt: home
After living I China for nearly four years, Leigh was still being ask on a regular basis when she would be going home.

She would usually tell the asker of such a question that she would return home in an hour or maybe when she got off work. But the asker would always give her a strange look of confusion.

What they were really trying to ask, was about when she would be returning to her home country, leaving China, potentially for good. In Leigh’s mind, home was where she lived. It was the location of her life, her friends, her job, her hobby, and of course, her two cats.

But for the people who always asked this question, which she found to be quite odd, they believed that home was where you came from.

For Leigh, she came from a good home with great parents, and annoying sister, and never really needing anything. Where she came from, people would call her blessed. And many of those people were confused as to why she wanted to leave her blessed life and go to such a place as China.

The truth was that she didn’t really know why she went to China either. But she did, and she is still in China, despite the constant curiousity about when she would go “home” or where they thought was home for her.

The question used to really bother her and after the confused looks, she would explain that she had made a home for herself in China. She was already home.

This answer made the confusion of how she was going to another country in the next hour go away but it still didn’t really explain why home wasn’t where her family was.

Maybe there isn’t really an answer to that question. Some people would argue that home is where the heart is or where you hang your hat or even where you go after you die. But to this day, Leigh still wonders, what is the real meaning of going home?

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Contest entered: "No Dialogue Contest - ON HIATUS
Word count: 350
Prompt: Home
Date: August 2018
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