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A view on lifes ups and downs
What is life?

Is it a blissful ride on a carousel of joy?
Where dreams emerge to become reality that can be touched, felt and experienced.
Where love everlasting swoops in on silken wings carrying you to a land of unfathomable happiness.

Or is it just a desperate attempt to skirt the dark recesses of our conscience?
To walk the sharp edge of shame that cuts both ways, just to find there's no escape from the pain except to not exist at all.
An unholy abyss of loss and suffering.

Is it beauty unspeakable that captures the imagination and stirs the soul?
A song of clarity that comforts your heart, dispelling fears, bringing a unfettered relief as the notes of life come together creating a symphony of love that could only be constructed by the master's hand.

Or is it just an unending horror show?
Where hideous nightmares play in the back recesses of your tattered mind.
A unbearable prison of your own making.
Past mistakes and unforgiveness eating the very marrow of your being, unraveling your humanity.

Is there a place where the two intersect?
A meeting at the crossroads.
A compromise between two fierce warriors of emotion in a constant struggle to outwit each other, looking for sole control where balance would be the better approach.

The truth is, life comes as a menagerie of dazzling highs at the brink of the mountaintop, and devastating lows that carry us to the pit of hell.
It is a euphoric jubilation of battles won against all odds and a catastrophic armageddon of grief and loss.

Whichever road you choose to travel, always know that love is the catalyst that holds everything together.
It is the exuberation of two hearts intermingled in the sanctification of love and the comforting arms of solace that help pick up the broken pieces making that heart whole again.

Life is glorious and tragic.
An endless roller coaster of surprises and adventures around every twisting turn.
You can choose to bury yourself in the monotony and drudgery.
You can choose to revel in it's rapture and beauty.
What you can't choose is to not show up ... because that would be the greatest tragedy of all.
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