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When a girl just needs her friend to be there for her.
         ‘’Elle, come check out this crab! It looks just like you! Come back little dude! Elle hasn’t seen you yet! Quick Elle, you’re mini-you is making a break for it!’’

         ‘’Real funny Ned. Why don’t you shove off while you’re at it?’’

         ‘’Ah come on, Elle! You know I don’t mean anything by it.’’

         ‘’No way Ned. I’m just here to get my tan on that’s it.’’

         ‘’And to get away from all the drama about Aunt pearl’s beach house huh?’’

         ‘’Just drop it Ned. I’m about over it as it is. I just need to lose myself for a while. Get my ‘’fun in the sun’’ in while I can.’’

         ‘’No worries Elle. I’m all about fun in the sun.’’

         ‘’Good for you Ned. At least somebody is.’’

{It’s certainly nobody in my family.}

         ‘’Come on Elle, you’re getting all moody on my again. I know something that will cheer you up in a jiffy.’’

         ‘’Ned, please. Not right now. I’m just not in the mood for- ‘’


         ‘’Ned you jerk! Get back here!’’

         ‘’You’ll have to catch me first!’’


         ‘’Well that was fun wasn’t it Elle?’’

         ‘’Shut up Ned, you’re dead to me.’’

         ‘’You don’t mean that Elle.’’

         ‘’I guess not. Never could stay mad at you for long. But you better watch out. My retaliation will be swift and brutal.’’

         ‘’You say so Elle.’’

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