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Christina is babysitting a young girl when she learns that not everything is as it seems.

I turned off the overhead light, turned on the night light and closed the closet door, deciding to leave it cracked open an inch at the last moment. As I tucked Tiffany in for the night, she said, "Don't worry. There aren't any monsters in the closet. Daddy keeps them all locked up in the basement."

"What? What exactly do you mean, Tiff?" I laughed, yet chills ran through my body. The noise I heard earlier from the basement! When I said something to Tiffany she claimed it was normal, the heating system was old and therefore noisy. I wanted to believe her but being inside this house gave me the creeps. There's a sinister feel to it the second you walk through the front door. Tiffany and her father, Gabe, live alone in an old Victorian home.

Gabe is a pig! I stopped coming here to babysit for weeks because him always trying to touch me and get me alone. Lord knows I don't need the money. I babysit so Tiffany has an escape from her abusive father. She would never admit it to me, but I've seen the bruises. I see how she cowers around him like an abused, frightened puppy. It breaks my heart to see such a happy-go-lucky little girl who's afraid to smile around him. I called Child Services once before, to make a complaint of child abuse. I changed my story so it would seem as though someone from the school called in case they told Gabe the details. They have to investigate every accusation made, yet nothing happened. I'm not sure what I expected from the phone call. Tiffany loves her father, of course. Every little girl loves their father. Is she safe though?

Tiffany whined, "P-Please don't tell Daddy I told you-ou! It's a secret. I didn't mean to.. I don't want to get in trouble, I don't want to..".

"Tiff, calm down. It's okay. I won't tell. I just need to know....." The front door slammed shut. Gabe's home from the strip club where he went every Friday night. Shit. I wanted to look in the basement. Now I'll never be able to.

"Hello?" Gabe yelled from the bottom of the stairs.

"We're upstairs. Just tucking Tiff into bed," I called down to him.

"Her name is Tiffany. She was given a name for a reason. If I wanted to call her Tiff, that's what her birth certificate would say," snapped Gabe.

"Okay. Well, Tiffany is all tucked in and ready for bed. I made her fettuccini alfredo for dinner with my homemade sauce. There's a plate made for you in the fridge."

"What, do you think you're Italian now?"

I hesitated before replying, "No, just wanted her to have a home cooked meal, that's all."

"What are you implying? I don't feed my daughter?"

"No, of course not." There's no winning with this man. I need to see what's in that basement. "Well, when will you need me next? I am free all month long. Many of my classes have ended and freed up time for me, lucky for you."

"Yeah, lucky, lucky me," sarcasm strong in his tone.

"Will you be going to the casino tomorrow night? Saturday night is your favorite! I bet you'll win big," I try.

"You just want my damn money!" he screamed then calmed himself and suggested, "You want my money girl, come suck this dick, huh? What are you afraid of? Come to daddy..."

"Daddy?" whispered Tiffany, saving me from the moment.

"What the Hell do you want? I thought you were in bed?" Gabe screamed, his face beat red from either anger or possibly embarrassment.

"I can't sleep," said Tiffany.

"I'll help you, hunny. Want me to read you a story?" I asked.

"She's fucking 7-years-old! She's not a fucking baby! Read her a story?! Is that what you two idiots do while I'm gone?! Read bedtime stories and change each other's diapers, you sickos?"

I don't dare mention who the real sicko in the room is.

"Fine. I suppose I'll get going then. Have a good night. Call me if you need me."

"I told you what I need you for. Any time, any day, baby girl," he laughed.

I am not laughing, though. Flushed and embarrassed, I ran down the steps towards the front door when I remembered what Tiffany told me. I decided to exit through the garage inside so I can check out the basement on my way out. I hurried so I wouldn't be caught. Rushing through the hallway, my sneakers thudded on the wooden floor. When I reached the back of the home, I saw the door with a giant padlock attached. Fear gripped my body, causing my breath to shake through trembling lips. I started to put my ear up to the door when I heard Gabe's loud footsteps heading down the stairs after me.

Terrified, I rushed through the kitchen and exited the home through the garage door. My hands shook, causing me to drop my car keys underneath my Teal Toyota Corolla. The moonlight from the almost full moon lit the night sky well enough to locate the keys. I unlock my car, jump in and lock myself inside, tears rolled down my face.

As I drove home, I thought of ways I can open the basement door, weighing my options. I can call a locksmith in the morning and question him about padlocks. Although, I doubt he will tell me anything valuable. I consider buying a padlock and calling the locksmith pretending I've locked myself out of a room. There must be videos online explaining how to pick a lock. I decided to attempt that first before involving anyone else. I needed to act fast. Tiffany was far from safe in her own home.

(to be continued.... any suggestions in the meantime? could use all the help I could get!!!!)
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