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Rated: E · Script/Play · Romance/Love · #2167324
A screenplay of two girls who fall in love in a fantasy setting.
- The curtains open to reveal the narrator

Narrator: "Greetings. This the tale of two star-crossed lovers who were forbidden to be together. Twas a tale of love at first sight and the bittersweet war that followed in the kingdom."

- The curtains close and the Narrator leaves the stage

- The curtains re-open to reveal a field and two castles on either side

- The spotlight is set over the left castle and a girl in a blue dress appears in the window of the castle

Princess Lorei: "Doth there be a suitor mine father would not dare send? A person of elegance and intrigue, mayhaps?"

- Move the spotlight over the castle on the right and another girl (wearing a red dress) appears in the window of this castle

Princess Tena: "Doth there be one as bright as the moon and stars out yonder? Would'st thou step closer in the dark of night?"

- The curtains close and the Narrator enters the stage

Narrator: "Lovers destined to be together but from separate realms. These girls may have been apart forever if not for a great meeting between the two kings of the kingdoms."

- The curtains open up and the Narrator leaves the stage

- Two men in kingly robes are revealed sitting at a table eating dinner

- King Rostand on the left in a blue robe and King Dynahand in a red robe on the right

King Rostand: "Mine daughter denies all suitors you send."

King Dynahand: "It is not mine fault that your daughter is picky."

King Rostand: "Art thou blaming mine daughter for thine incompetence?"

- King Rostand gets angry and knocks over the table

King Dynahand: "Don't get angry, Rostand! Your heart is weak!"

- King Rostand gets angrier and moves towards King Dynahand before fainting

King Dynahand: "The old fool."

- The curtains close and the Narrator enters the stage

Narrator: "It was the next day when the girls first met. Was it destiny?"

- The curtains open and the Narrator exits the stage

- A field of flowers is revealed and there is a tree nearby

- Princess Tena is looking out from behind the tree as Princess Lorei walks up and sets a blanket down on the flowery field

Princess Lorei: "The flowers are lovely this season."

- Princess Tena steps out from behind the tree

Princess Tena: "They really are."

Princess Lorei: "And whom are you?"

Princess Tena: "I am princess Tena and I'd like to accompany you on this blanket if that is okay."

Princess Lorei: "I - I guess you can."

- Princess Tena sits close next to Princess Lorei and looks at her with wide eyes

Princess Lorei: "I'm Princess Lorei. Mine father sends me suitors but I feel nothing towards such men."

Princess Tena: "As does mine. Perhaps men do not attract us?"

Princess Lorei: "Indeed. I wouldst not deny mine feelings for you."

Princess Tena: "And I wouldst never leave you if it weren't that our love is forbidden."

The curtain closes while the girls kiss and the Narrator steps back onto the stage

Narrator: "Twas not a true war between the kingdoms. Twas a civil war that divided the two kingdoms slowly but our lovers met still each week. Eventually, the truth must be heard and thine kings feared the worst for their children's futures."

The curtain opens and the Narrator leaves the stage

The two kings are arguing at the dinner table again

King Rostand: "Mine daughter has been disappearing as of late and she has been saying that thine daughter is who she meets when she is out!"

King Dynahand: "Thine daughter has been with mine and thou are plotting something most foul!"

King Rostand: "Thou be the one plotting! But mayhaps we ask our daughters about such a plot?"

King Dynahand: "We shall follow them through the week and see what they plot."

The curtain closes and the Narrator enters the stage

Narrator: "Be not afraid for the lovers. The kings saw how they got along and chose to settle an agreement. The two kings combined the kingdoms into one glorious kingdom and the lovers were wed. Twas a momentous occasion thou will not miss."

The curtain opens and the Narrator exits the stage

The final scene plays out

The princesses walk down a wedding isle and get to the end where they kiss

Princess Lorei: "Our love brought our two kingdoms together."

Princess Tena: "I agree. We brought our kingdoms together and now everything seems ever brighter with you."

The curtains close and the audience applauds

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