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Rated: E · Short Story · Mystery · #2167426
A woman's son disappears and she races to find him in time.
It was a warm July evening in the small town of Briarwood. Mona was enjoying the evening at the playground with her friend Carol and her five- year old son Tommy. It was the last day of vacation for Mona and her son and they were preparing to return home the next day. Mona and Carol were carrying on a typical conversation when suddenly Mona looked up and didn’t see Tommy anywhere. She looked all over the playground but there was no sign of Tommy. She looked on the basketball and volleyball court but he was not there. She then ran back to the hotel but no one was at the front desk. She then ran up to their room to see if Tommy made his way back to the room. He wasn’t in the room but something on the desk caught her eye. There was a picture drawn in crayon of a demonic looking girl with green hair with the name Abby underneath it. Mona flipped the paper and on the back was a mysterious note, “Come meet me in room 13, Tommy so that we can play! Your friend Abby. Who was this Abby? Mona thought. She was quite disturbed by the picture because she could tell tommy drew it but she had no idea who Abby was or why she wanted to play with him. Mona ran to the front desk and asked who was staying in room 13. Dana the front desk lady. told her that room 13 had been abandoned for almost 10 years. Mona showed the Dana the picture that her son drew and asked if she could have the key to room 13. After seeing the picture Dana agreed to take Mona to room 13.
Across the way in the hotel’s utility building two groundskeepers Marc and Peter were getting ready to close up for the night. The groundskeepers headed into the building when they suddenly were stopped dead in their tracks. There was what appeared to be blood all over the floor of the shed. Marc and Peter walked slowly into the shed towards the back to the second door that led into the other room. They had no idea what was going on, Peter was just standing in the middle of the room frozen and not being able to move a muscle. Marc pushed on ahead into the room. He opened the door and walked inside, suddenly the door slammed shutting trapping Marc inside. “PETER, PETER OPEN THE DOOR!!” He yelled. Peter ran for the door but couldn’t get the door to budge. Just then Peter heard a blood curling scream from the other side of the door and what appeared to be blood coming out from underneath the door. At this sight Peter ran as fast as he could out of the building.
Dana led Mona to room 13 and opened the door. Mona looked around and saw the room was completely empty. The wallpaper on the walls looked like it was peeling off and the room looked like ti hadn’t been touched in years. She looked down and saw a piece of paper laying on the floor. She picked up the paper and saw the same demonic girl in the picture with the name Abby underneath it. She flipped the picture over and saw a second note. “Tommy meet me down at the playground” Your friend Abby. With that Mona ran as fast as she could to the playground.
Tommy had made his way towards the playground. “Come and play with me!” The voice said. Tommy ran to the playground following the voice. Tommy climbed up the steps the lead up to the tall slide. Tommy walked over to the slide. “I’m down here”. The voice said. Tommy slid down the slide and all of a sudden there was a scream. Tommy never came down the slide.
Mona raced towards the playground looking for Tommy. She noticed drops of blood coming from the slide. Slowly she walked over and to her dismay she found that Tommy was dead. Carol followed her to the playground. She found Mona crying and yelling. “Tommy’s Dead!!” she yelled. Carol looked up the slide but there was nothing there. “What do you mean there is nothing there?” Mona said. Carol told Mona what was going on but she we wouldn’t except the truth. Carol told Mona that Mona and Tommy were involved in a car accident five years. You survived the accident but Tommy died from his injuries. Mona you are not here on a vacation and I am not just your friend. I am actually your care taker and you are in a mental rehabilitation center. You were so traumatically affected by the accident. You constantly had visions that Tommy was still around and that you were still hearing his voice. “Then what are these pictures” Mona asked. “You drew them” Carol said. I don’t know what you were doing but it seems you wanted to trick yourself into thinking that Tommy was still alive. Abby was actually another patient that lived here years ago. We were unable to help her and she became mentally unstable. This led her to commit suicide. Poor girl, some say that her spirit lives on still haunting this place. You need to go back to your room and rest. You need to stop worrying about what happened in the past because there is nothing you can do about it. I know you can overcome this just think Tommy is in a better place, watching over you. Let’s go back to your room now.
Back at the utility room Peter brought his boss down to tell him what happened and show him what was going on. He told his boss that Marc had walked into the room in the back and never came out. Peter’s boss walked towards the back of the room and opened the door. Suddenly he felt a force that pulled him into the room and the door slammed shut. Suddenly there was a loud scream from the room and Peter’s boss was never heard again. “I hoped you liked that one I got for you Abby!” Don’t worry I will keep them coming for you! Peter said. With that Peter locked the door and walked out of the building as if nothing ever happened.
Daddy can we go see mommy yet? The little boy said. “Tommy” the boy’s father said. You know that mommy has been very sick in the last few years you know that she is getting the help that she needs. Ever since the car accident you and your mother were both involved in, she suffered mental problems and became unstable. It got to the point the she had to be put where she is today. But rest assure Tommy, mommy is getting better each and every day. It won’t be too long till we’ll be able to see her.
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