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Rated: 13+ · Short Story · Romance/Love · #2167430
It would have been worth waiting ... Cramp Win 8/29/18
Hey hon, I miss you ...
will you be home tomorrow?

don't think so. conference
call with Mallory and the boss from ny.
i'll need to stay another night

It's our anni, remember?
13 years. we'll celebrate when
you get back, huh?

Of course babe

dont forget <3

I drove through the foothills of the Rockies with the top down on my navy BMW Cabriolet. The air was crisp today, a good omen for the drive ahead. I don't usually condone lying to loved ones, but today I made an exception. Rose didn't know I was making the 10 hour drive home tonight and would surprise her in the morning on our anniversary. I glanced at the frantically flapping balloons tied firmly to the arm of the stuffed teddy in the passenger seat and couldn't help the grin that spread across my face.

I promise i wont
forget my love. i'll be home
when i can

*Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone*

As night descended, I felt the slope of the road getting steeper as the BMW raced farther into the mountains and I raced closer to home. The road curved gently under my high beams, the guardrail glinting as I thundered past. With no streetlamps this far from town, the woods beyond my headlights remained inky and impenetrable. The inside of the car was black too, until my phone lit up like a spotlight from the cup holder.

I'm off to bed hon - hope
that hotel mattress isnt too
hard! luv u, gn <3

I love ...

I jolted upright in my seat at the horrendous screeching of metal. Out the windshield, my headlights shone into nothing. No road, no trees ... no guardrail. The weightlessness engulfed me in an instant. My seatbelt cut into my neck and I watched, as if in a theatre production, as the balloons and small bear floated upward and out through the open roof. I was overwhelmed by the size of my tongue in my mouth and the weight of the phone in my hand, and then my whole body crushed back to earth, into the seat below me. Windows shattered. The sound was so clear, yet so distant. I smelled something ripe, like dirt and pine, and my shoulder slammed against the door. There was no up or down for several seconds and then everything was still. I heard an owl hoot.

I hung upside down. My head was hot. At some point, my phone had flown from my hand and was now hanging from its charging cord near the rear view mirror. I reached for it, my tether to reality, and saw my half finished text. I couldn't see straight as I thumbed the device, my fingers leaving bloody smears on the phone's screen.

*Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone*

Rose woke to her Alexa Smart Home speaker reciting the news. More of the usual. High of 74, cloudy, 10% chance of rain, possible thunderstorm on Friday. There was a new Principal at the Farrow Middle School, some guy called Gunderson. An eagle fledgling was found last night by Scout Troop 2445. They fed it and watched with their binoculars until the mother came back. A BMW crashed through the guardrail on Greenwillow Pass last night around 2:14am. One male passenger was found dead on the scene ...

"Alexa, stop."

Rose flicked on the TV and sat up in bed, pulling the comforter around her. The suited woman on the news station stood outside, the twisted remains of a guardrail behind her.

"It appears only one car was involved in this deadly incident that occurred last night in the 2am hour. With no skid marks to speak of, it is unlikely the driver attempted to stop before hurdling to his death 50 feet below in the Greenwillow riverbed. The driver was identified as 34 year old, Felix Thatcher ..."

Rose stopped listening. It wasn't her Felix. He was in LA. Then, the news channel showed an image of Felix's BMW. It was covered in branches and dents, but there was no doubt. It was his.

She thought to text him then, just in case. The news could be wrong, couldn't it? Perhaps a buddy of Felix borrowed his car? She picked up her phone and the screen blinked alive.

I love you too baby.
Please dont be mad at me. I
miss you more. Happy anniversary
love Felix <3

*Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone* *Cellphone*

Written for:
The Writer's Cramp is 18!  (13+)
Write the best story or poem in 24 hours (or less) during birthday week and win 18KGPs.
#333655 by Sophy

*TrophyG* Winning Entry!

Prompt: 8/29/2018 - Write a short story or poem about something that was surprisingly worth waiting for. The genre is up to you.

Word Count: 724 words

© Copyright 2018 Emily ~ On Vacay! (hawaiifoeva at Writing.Com). All rights reserved.
Writing.Com, its affiliates and syndicates have been granted non-exclusive rights to display this work.
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