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by Andrea
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A nightmare transforms reality
I used to have a reoccurring dream. In it, I am running. Rather, I am trying to run. There is a man chasing me with a gun and trying to kill me. My fear becomes so intense, my legs are barred from instruction. Then, I begin to falter. Now, he closes in on me. Until my terror forces me from the bonds of slumber! Even still, I must not return directly to sleep. Because I know he awaits within the darkness of my next dream. Only, this time, I will not awake. This is no dream! This is not a nightmare, but I am in it!

I know what its like to die. When it occurs, the sun may blaze high in the sky. On a brilliant autumn day. But suddenly, the world turns to complete darkness. That's how it happened to me. When he raised the large handgun. He took aim at my face. He began to fire. I looked down the barrel of the weapon. When he fired the first shot. Just a few yards away, in the next instant, I would be dead. And that is when all went black. Except, when it happened to me, something shattered that deep sleep. It was me. I was screaming! It was then, I knew I was alive. Only, if there were any hope, I had to move swiftly!

Never before could I imagine myself in this type of predicament. I try to be safety conscious. Plus, we live in High Desert country. Where there is a relative low crime rate. Moreover, I am a single mother with three small individuals who depend on me. On that morning, if I had any premonition, about what would happen to me, in four short hours. I would have given my children longer hugs when I took them to the bus stop! Because a long time may pass, until they see me, as I was then. If ever again...

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