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What happened to Charlotte Tate when she went into the antique shop? Do you believe her?

Where did Charlotte Tate go?
By: DW
wd. ct.

Early one winter day, Charlotte Tate walked down into the town where she lived. A new antique shop opened up there about a month ago, but she never had the time to stop in until today. A typical teenager, Charlotte always thought of herself to be. A quiet girl. Loves her pets more than most people in her life.

When she entered the shop she was so excited by the extream variety of antiques in there. When she heard some noises coming from the back room of the shop, it sounds like the owner is doing some cleaning up or something. Charlotte ignores it and continues browsing around the shop. Then she sees a glowing green light coming from behind a bunch of junk, (as she thinks of it.) Unusable antiques that look like parts are missing or are broken. She bends down to get a better look at the glowing object. She had to move a couple big vases and some old lamps out of the way when it glowed again. It looks like an old-timey liquor bottle.

"Maybe it's an old Russian vodka bottle? But what's making it glow?"
Her curiosity overwhelming her mind at this moment.
She picked up the bottle very carefully, it is covered in dust, she could not see if it had a label or not on it. With her jacket sleeve, she wipes the dust off the bottle then it starts to glow again. Frightened, she set it quickly down on a nearby table.

The green glow appears again from inside the bottle, but nothing else happened. Then the glowing stopped. Charlotte picked it up to look at it more closely. "How beautiful it is," she thinks to herself in amazement! It's shaped like a Russian building, it is made of beautiful purple glass with lacing on a round bottom and it narrows to a pointed top.
Charlotte grabbed the elegant glass topper off the bottle and looks inside when suddenly her body begins changing into a weird lightweight liquid form and she is quickly sucked inside the bottle, and it falls to the floor landing upright and the topper caps itself back on.

The owner, an old antique looking woman herself; with long stragerly white hair and missing teeth heard something hit the floor. Her gown looks like it was made from rags. She looks around but sees no one in the shop. !
"Huh, my old ears playing tricks on me again!" she says to herself aloud. Then she turns back to her endless chores of trying to organize the shops backroom.

Charlotte is free falling into an abyss of darkness, the wind is blowing fast through her long dark brown hair, messing it up into knots as she falls. She starts twirling around, like an out of control skydiver. She screams out, "help me!" she is frightened. She is terrified of hitting the ground, her body crashing, making a big splat, is all she can think of.
She questions the end of her life. "Who will ever find me? Where am I? Why am I falling? I'm going to die crashing to the ground! How will anyone know where I'm at? I'm not ready to die! Oh, God, help me!"

As she descends downward she sees a small light peeking through the darkness. Slowly the light far out in the distance gets bigger than brighter, more breathtaking, then vibrant.
Charlotte begins to feel a calmness, overcoming her body, less fearful, almost at peace with her inner self. No more fear of dying. No worries at all. As though in a peaceful rest. Her body now falling in a relaxed backwards state but limp. She has no control of her movements. It must be the warmth coming from the light. She feels tranquility rushing through her bones. The dark abyss that chilled her moments ago, is now becoming like a warm blanket.

From the height, she can see land appear, though she is still falling. She sees a body of water, like a large lake nestled between two hillsides. Trees larger than life. The biggest evergreens she's ever seen. In the distant sky, there are two planets, one has rings around it like Saturn, but only half the size. The other is like our own moon but it a blue luminescent color.
The ground below begins to appear in her view. There is a lot of tall soft looking green grass in a large meadow framed within very tall trees. Her mindset is not focused on her falling anymore, she is entranced by the beauty that she sees appearing all around her.

Below her on the ground of this strange place stands a young boy about the age of fourteen or so. He is wearing a black and red dress robe with a golden rope around his waist and a pitch black cloak over his head and shoulders. He is holding a large crooked wooden staff in one hand and his other hand waving an incantation pointing up towards Charlotte as she continues her fall downward.

The boy, with eyes, closed chants as she comes closer to the ground. Somehow, he is in control and he sets her down slowly and gently on the ground in front of him. Charlotte is uncertain of what just happened to her. She is conscious, but a little weak as she tries to sit up. The boy speaks to her. "My Master is on his way. Please be still until he gets here." Puzzled by what he just said, she notices his eyes are the bluest she's ever seen, like the deep ocean. They sparkle like diamonds on the water. She feels as though he has hypnotized her into a relaxed setting. Motionless, she is still.

Suddenly, a blast of smoke comes up from the ground next to the young boy. It is a cloud of grayness that towers the boy. In seconds a tall man appears. He is very old, yet stout. He appears like a fictional wizard from ancient times. His white beard and hair are as long as his arms. He is wearing a large dark blue pointed hat with lots of gold stripes throughout and a midnight blue gown with sleeves that touch the ground like pure silk, flowing in the light breeze.

The old man spoke to her, his voice echoes through the land, mighty and pure. "Who are you?" He asks! My name is Charlotte Tate. I am from earth! I was in an antique shop when I opened a green glowing unique bottle and then my body turned into a liquid form and I was suddenly sucked into it and began falling into an abyss of darkness and I landed here! Where am I?" She asked in desperation.

"You are in the land of Urgone. Only the most powerful wizards and witches can live here. The bottle you opened is a gate-keeper to search for others like us. It sends us those of curious minds and hearts to our land. Hoping to find more of our kind from the human world.
So, are you a witch? Do you have any special powers Charlotte Tate of Earth?"
"I don't know! Can you help me find out?
Who are you, sir?"

"I am Valadar, Master wizard of Urgone." He answered. "You do not look like a witch to me!
But, I will have to test you to see if you have the power of a witch."

"Well," replied Charlotte. "I have always felt different than most people. I have a kind nack for animals! And people have always thought of me as strange. Because I'm a loner. I don't like to get involved in events. I am happiest when I am by myself. Except for the one friend I have, Jane."

She stood up and the Master wizard reached out his hand to help her. She asked him in a calmer and kinder voice, "What kind of test will you have me do."
His reply was, "It is but one test that you must pass. It is quite simple if you are a witch. You must be able to pick a star from the sky and hold it in your hands. If it glows green, then you are a witch and you can stay in Urgone."

Charlotte thought strongly about his test request, and in the back of her mind, she hoped she could do really do it. Her life back home was boring and this is something more than a dream.

"Well, you may begin Charlotte Tate of earth." Said Valadar.
Charlotte looked up towards the sky, there were so many stars, it was hard to focus on just one. She fumbled with her words, trying to stall. Then she reached towards the sky and words she never thought of came from her mouth. "Beheath tho lighted sphere, cometh to my palm and settle your brightness until I let go." The young boy Collins and his Master Valadar looked at each other with smiles on their faces. "She did it, Master, she did it!" Shouted Collins.

"You are a witch." Shouted Valadar. Then with one swoop of his wooden staff, he was gone.
Then with his hands held high, he placed his staff around in a circle, moving faster and faster. Charlotte began to spin round, a big plume of dusty air encircled her like she was in the center of a tornado.

She could not see anything through the wind tunnel she was now in. When suddenly she appeared back at the antique shop. Landing on her butt, dizzy and not sure if what just happened was a dream or not. She got up and quickly ran out of the antique shop and didn't stop until she was home. Screaming through the house for her mother.
"Mom, where are you? It's Charlotte, I'm back home, mom?"
Charlottes mother was out back hanging out the laundry when she heard her daughters screams. "Oh, Charlotte my sweet dear Charlotte. Where have you been? Her mother could not let her go. She kept hugging and kissing her, while repeating... where have you been?"

Charlotte said, " I went to town to check out the new antique shop off Main Street. Then I was sucked into a magical glowing bottle to another planet. It was so beautiful there. It was a land of wizards and witches only. The Master wizard asked me to perform a test to show him if I was a witch or not. Well, I'm not a witch, so I was sent back here." The look on her mother face was pure shock!
"Honey, are you feeling alright? You have been gone for weeks! We've had search parties out for days looking for you."

"What is this talk of being sucked into a bottle and going to another planet? We had no idea what happened to you honey. You must have bumped you head, now just lay here on the couch and I'll make some hot tea." "But, mother, I really was sucked into a bottle. I was falling for such a long time until I began to see a light come through the darkness from the fall." Charlotte tried and tried to convince her mother of her experience in another world. You've got to listen mom, I am telling the truth."

"My, Dear. Charlotte, please lie down and rest. I have several calls to make now that you are back home safe. Everyone has been so worried about you. I'll be right back." While Charlotte lay on the couch, she wondered how she could have been gone for weeks, when it felt like only a couple hours since she was sucked into the bottle then sent home. "How could that be," she asked herself?
"I know it was real. I have seen it. I talked to young Collins the wizard boy and I saw the Master wizard appear and talk to me. I'm not crazy." Am I?"

Charlotte fell fast asleep on the couch until daylight the next morning. She quickly got up and put her shoes on and ran into town back to the antique shop. But there was no shop. It was an empty deserted building. She was stunned and unable to accept that the antique shop she was just in, is an empty building. "How can this be? This is not right, I know I was here just yesterday."
A friend that Charlotte grew up with seen her from across the street and ran towards her. Jane threw her arms around her friend crying, telling her how much she was missed by everyone, and feared dead.

The two friends just held each other for several moments, then Charlotte said.
"Well, I'm home now and you probably won't believe me if I told you where I've been." Jane replied, "I don't care so long as you are home and safe, I didn't know how to live without my best friend!" That's when Charlotte Tate of earth decided to keep her fantastical secret all to herself, until she wrote about it and became a famous writer of fiction.

The End

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