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When life beats you down get backup and fight
The Fight

There is a time in all our lives
when pain is all around.
It grabs your throat then brutally
just throws you to the ground.

Then sits upon your heaving chest
to take away your breath.
To steals all your hopes and dreams
leaving no peace or rest.

As you are down you're kicked around
a life all bruised and battered
And wonder to yourself if there
are things that really matter.

You've lost your job, a life long love
has turned and walked away.
You start to think what will go wrong
if I live another day.

Your heart turns cold, soul shutting down
a little at a time.
The mind turns in upon itself
to die would be just fine.

Yet deep inside this strength abides
a match waiting for the spark.
To bring to light a brand new life
just hiding in the dark.

You pick yourself up off the ground
and take a fighter's stance.
That fire illuminates the dark
to give another chance.

The gloves are off you're in this fight
for better or for worse.
Beat down depression, pain and loss
and with them that damn curse.

Now even though you wear some scars
the victory has been won.
So give yourself some accolades
and say a job well done.

Then take what you fought so hard for
your life no longer bound.
And put the past where it belongs
six feet down in the ground.

With freedom now let life unfold
before you as it should.
Just leave behind the pain and loss
building memories that are good.

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