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A dialogue between a man and woman at the beach


What's going on ma'am?

There's a little girl drowning in the water! DO SOMETHING!

Drowning? Where?

Some lifeguard you are! Open your eyes and look in the ocean, right there!

Right.. there??

ugh YESS! What are you waiting for? Do something!

Ma'am, with all due respect, you're pointing at a blow up raft in the water.

Oh for crying out loud where do they find you idiots? CAN SOMEBODY STOP STARING AND HELP THE POOR LITTLE GIRL ALREADY?

Miss, would you like to take a look with my binoculars, maybe that would help?

I know what I see! Oh, give me the damn things!

Of course.

Well, where did she go? She must be under the water by now! oh no! oh no! Why didn't she grab for the flamingo raft? God, she must be so young! Where did the flamingo come from anyway, well it must have been her raft! That's why it's alone out there!

No, I was told about the raft earlier; it's been there. Excuse me, but what is your name, Miss?

My name? At a time like this, you have the nerve to ask me my name? Oh, of course! For the police report!! What has come over me, of course! My name is Tammy Perkins.

Right... I'm Lyle.

You're a liar? ugh, figures. most men are!

No, Lyle...

Ohhh! No you don't! You better not lie to the police when they get here! I saw her. I saw that little girl. I know what you're trying to do here!

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