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A story based on Romans 8:18
There once was a man named Paul, he was formally known as Saul. He was blinded one day by God from heaven above. From that day, he decided to change his ways. He devoted his life to serving the Lord. But you see, this wasn’t an easy task back then, nor is it now. Between the government, the religious leaders, and those who just liked to hate, telling people about God had pretty high stakes.

This man named Paul who was formally Saul was no exception. Eventually, he would pay for his service with his life. At the time that he penned Romans 8:18, he was in prison for reasons that were obscene. He told people about Jesus’ death and how he came back to life, to be the King of Kings. But in a time where most people would quit, Paul stayed strong, he would not submit.

For Paul knew who was God and that He was in control. And eternity in Glory was the ultimate goal. He stated a simple fact that still remains true, that nothing, not even suffering at this moment can compare to what it will be like when he is standing in Glory.

Now at this time, Paul is where he belongs. At the feet of the throne, in the glory of God. But the words that he left us can still help us now. When there are times, in defeat, we want to bow, we can simply remember that the suffering will end. And that one day, if we are God’s child, we will be with Him.

So next time you feel like you can suffer no more. Or you are just ready to walk out life’s door. Remember that one day you will have a time when suffering ends and you have the undeserved privilege of looking into the face of God.

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