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Natural and cultural events during a typical British autumn - for Verdant Poetry Contest.
A Very British Autumn

Hues of brown, red and orange cloak the trees,
clues that a nightly frost shall soon be here.
Choose thicker clothes expecting chilly breeze;
lose skimpy summer skirts as snow grows near.

Boast all you like your conker is a beast,
most farmers focus on their ripened crops.
Roast chestnuts, lightly seasoned, are a feast.
Ghost costumes are displayed in all the shops.

Youths dress as scary ghouls for Trick or Treat.
Booths set up selling cobweb-covered cake.
Truths come to light as spook researchers meet —
sleuths proving supernatural is fake.

Take care before you light your bonfire, please.
Rake underneath for creatures hidden deep.
Make sure no foxes shelter from the freeze.
Wake lazy hedgehogs from their early sleep.

Cloud-covered sunsets cast a mystic spell.
Loud bangs and whistles echo ‘cross the sky.
Proud martyr is the tale our teachers tell —
crowd gathers ‘round a pyre to burn the Guy.

Sleep soundly through autumnal howling gales.
Heap extra coal upon your blazing hearth.
Peep out at tramps who greet the ice with wails.
Creep back to bed or prove you have a heart.

24 lines
Triple Lento


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