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Reap the riches of the land--Harvest Time is here. There's the scent of Autumn in the air.
It is the ripe season of Harvest Time now here in Mid-Michigan. The farmers reap the riches of the land. We all will enjoy the cooler air after a long, hot growing season. Spending money on the produce boosts the economy. Canning the produce to last one year's time stretches your dollar.

The farmer's busy time of the year is now here once again. They can be spotted dotting their land over their crops. The soil solid with growth from the summer's end. There is half farm fields and half population dwellings in Bay County Michigan. The best of both worlds.

It is the time of season change from summer to fall. Some welcome the change while others want to hold onto summer. They say they wait all year for summer and the bloom of the plants. With the cold weather coming people are preparing for it and are busy spending accordingly--rations for the year.

There are cider mills in full service now, visiting them gets one in the season's change of spirit. Next, is the pumpkin farms to visit also just before the frost. One has to think of winter clothing for the closet and storing the summer ware. More spending to add to the economy.

The air, bugs and birds act up in a stir when autumn settles in. The people too get more active at October Fests that take place for celebration. That's why Harvest Time is good for the economy. Reaping the riches of the land is a way of life here in Mid-Michigan.

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