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A story about a young princess who loves unicorns.
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Once upon a time in the small kingdom of Mavelon, there was a young girl named Princess Megan Rose who loved unicorns. She always had her father The King get her all of the latest unicorn fashions, furniture, and jewelry. But Princess Megan Rose was missing one thing... A real-life unicorn. As far as she knew from her grandmother's stories, the only way one can see a unicorn is to find their true love and then travel to the dark forest of Nipka and go into the rainbow swamp to reach the world of unicorns. Although, there has never been anyone known to return after entering the dark forest of Nipka.

One day Princess Megan Rose was playing outside with her dolls when she noticed something peculiar. There was a new doll of golden hair with the most beautiful dress of rainbow and glitter laying against a tree nearby. Princess Megan Rose loved the doll and decided she would thank her father for such a beautiful gift and immediately skipped to his chamber.

Princess Megan Rose entered her father's chamber and did a little curtsy "Oh father, how I love this doll, I don't know where you ever got it, but it's the most beautiful doll I've ever seen! Thank you, father. I shall always cherish it" She squeaked, and giggled and danced around with the doll.

Princess Megan Rose's father gave her a confused look as he started to rub his chin. "Why this gift is not from me my darling Megan Rose, where did you find it?" He asked with concern.

Princess Megan Rose started to worry, what if the doll belonged to someone. She didn't take anything that did not belong to her. But, she was the only young girl in Mavelon. She told her father "I was playing outside when I noticed this doll sitting by the tree like it was left there just for me."

Princess Megan Rose's father was worried indeed and didn't understand why someone would leave her a gift. He looked at his daughter and said "You are to stay here within these walls and not wonder about. Listen to what I say and be a good girl. I promise when it's safe I will let you go adventure and play." He contacted his guards to tell them of the unusual event.

Princess Megan Rose was sad, she didn't want to stay inside, it didn't sound as fun, but quite the opposite. She felt like she was being punished, but didn't understand why. She went to her chamber and wrote in her journal.

Dear: My friend unicorn

I hope to meet you one day. I'm not allowed to go outside right now and I don't know when I can go again and play. I know one day we shall meet. I'll comb your hair and shine your fur and we will go on many adventures. We can have ice cream and laughs.

Love your future best friend,
Princess Megan Rose

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Princess Megan Rose laid down and cried herself to sleep. During her slumber, she dreamed of a land with fluffy clouds and rainbows in the sky. There were magical unicorns prancing about. Unicorns of every color to greet her and make her smile. She even dreamed that her mother was there smiling and holding her for a hug. she held her tight and kissed her forehead.

The next morning when Princess Megan Rose awakened, lying on her pillow was a golden bell. Princess Megan Rose shook the bell to hear it jingle and was very surprised when she heard a most beautiful melody. Princess Megan Rose couldn't wait to go thank her father for such a wonderful gift and quickly put on her slippers and robe and headed to her father's chamber.

As Princess Megan Rose entered the chamber she did a small curtsy "Oh, thank you, father. I love this bell, it's amazing and I will cherish it forever. I had the most beautiful dream about unicorns and mom was there too, she was so pretty," she shook the bell and it started to play the enchanting melody.

Princess Megan Rose's father's eyes widened and he snatched the bell from her hand, he carefully looked it over in wonder and alarm. "my darling Megan Rose, I didn't get you this bell. where was it, you didn't go outside after I told you to stay within the walls did you? And I have told you not to speak of your mother."

Princess Megan Rose started to cry "I didn't do anything father, I didn't go outside, this bell was lying on my pillow when I awoke to the sunrise."

Princess Megan Rose's father was very worried for his daughter Princess Megan Rose's safety. He wondered how someone got into the castle walls, there were guards at every entrance. He then looked at Princess Megan Rose whom still cried and said "It's alright my darling Megan Rose, it's not your fault. I shall line guards at your chamber door until we figure this out."

Princess Megan Rose followed her father's request and went to her chamber where four guards stood at her door. She played in there all day with her dolls and had a tea party, then she paused to look at her mother's picture at her bedside. There was a knock at her chamber door, it was time to eat, she was escorted to the dining hall to join with her father.

Princess Megan Rose and her father had a delicious meal of roasted turkey, boiled potatoes, and cranberry. As they sat there they talked about their day and laughed. Princess Megan Rose told her father about the story of the unicorn that her grandma Lorie told her.

Her father looked puzzled. He then said "My darling Megan Rose, I'm sorry to tell you, but unicorns are not real. I need to tell your grandma to not tell you such stories that get your hopes up. I've heard tales before and that's all they are, people sometimes tell tales to make the real stories sound more exciting than they truly are."

After their talk, Princess Megan Rose went to her chamber and went to bed. How could unicorns not be real, I've dreamed about them since I could remember she thought and then cried herself to sleep. In the middle of the night, there was a shining bright light, Princess Megan Rose could not believe her eyes. She went over toward the light to see what it was and low and behold a unicorn stood and it gave her a graceful bow.

"Hello Princess Megan Rose, it's a pleasure indeed. I am here to take you to the magical land of unicorns. It is meant to be, as you have been chosen, just as your mother was. You believe and carry with you a pure loving heart that will help keep the unicorns safe from harm."

Picture for my story "My Friend the Unicorn"

Princess Megan Rose was so overjoyed that she smiled and giggled aloud "I can't believe you are really here, my father said you were not real. He will be so surprised." Then Princess Megan Rose thought about what the unicorn said "Wait, you know my mom? My father forbids me to speak of her, she disappeared when I was so young. But wait, If I go with you then I won't be near my father." She looked over at the unicorn with disappointment.

The unicorn glanced at Princess Megan Rose and smiled "Then we shall bring your father too, but first he must believe, for if he does not believe he cannot see. I will come back in two days time, if your father can find it in his heart to believe by then, then we shall all go to the magical land of unicorns and you shall be with your mom."

As the unicorn left and flew away leaving a glowing trail. Princess Megan Rose was so happy about the news, she couldn't wait until morning to tell her father. She smiled and went back to sleep. She dreamed of the magical land of unicorns again, but this time both her mother The Queen and her father were there and they were all together and happy and laughing.

As morning came Princess Megan Rose put on her slippers and robe and ran to her father's chamber, the guards that were at her chamber door trailing behind her. When she arrived she did a little curtsy and said: "Oh father, I have the best of news, a unicorn visited me last night, we can go to the magical land of unicorns and mother is there too!" She danced around his chamber and giggled.

The King watched the display and sighed "My dear Megan Rose, we've had this talk before, unicorns aren't real and lying is a sin. Go back to your chamber and think about your deed then come back when you're ready to apologize." The King turned around to hide his face, for it pained him to hear of his wife. He knows children have wondrous minds, but couldn't she make up something else. His wife made up a similar story when she left and never returned."

Princess Megan Rose cried and stomped to her chamber, she was so displeased, never did she lie to her father and now she won't get to go to the land of unicorns or see her mother. She laid in her bed and opened her journal to write, she was surprised to find a golden envelope with her name displayed. She opened it quickly thinking it must be from the unicorn to find it was from her mother.

Dear Megan Rose,

I hope you liked the gifts. I had to wait until you were old enough to understand my reason for leaving to contact you. I am in the land of the unicorns helping keep them safe, for some want their land and magic for selfish reasons and only those that believe and have a pure heart can protect them. It was a hard choice, but I knew we'd rejoice when you became aware. I hope your father has changed his ways. He never believed and was sad when I left. I love you both dearly and hold you close to my heart.


Your Mother Joyla The Queen

Princess Megan Rose cried tears of joy and rushed to show her father the letter. As she entered his chamber she did a small curtsy and handed him the letter. "Dear father, mother has written, she is the one who has left me the gifts. She wants us to go to the land of the unicorns and be with her for good, but you must believe to see, so please father try. Believe me that unicorns are real, for I've never lied to you and you can believe because I told you."

After looking over the letter that was clearly written by his wife Joyla The Queen. Princess Megan Rose's father thought about what Princess Megan Rose said, he should trust her and believe because Princess Megan Rose is right, she has never lied to him, and honesty is the key to trust.

Her father said with a smile "My dear Megan Rose I believe and we shall go live in the land of the unicorns with your mother and I promise to always believe in you both."



Word Count: 1939
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