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A twisted sonnet about how financial burdens can become more serious as you grow older.
I Owe, I Owe…

At times it's hard to make your way in life
because there's days you'd rather stay in bed.
Contrary to the views held by my wife
default will happen when you're in the red.

Enough to say I need a better job.
For money in the bank, I need a raise.
Gone are the days I could live like a slob.
How do I get a post that really pays?

In years gone by, I used to work my shift
just loving every moment, come what may,
knowing each passing minute was a gift.
Love’s all you need to see you through the day.

My Ken and Barbie days are in the past.
Now deep in debt, I'm sinking rather fast.

14 lines
Following the prompt:
Write a rhyming poem. THE TWIST - Each line must start with a different letter of the alphabet consecutively.

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