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by Justin
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A healer nurses Link back to health

Chapter 1

Link tossed and turned in bed as the hardy looking man watched him wearily. Link had been like this for days, nearly two weeks. He had a fever, and the man at his
bed side, named Rob, believed the sickness was a result of the coming darkness moving over Kakariko village from the mountains to the north. Rob shook his head
sadly and whispered a silent prayer to the creators. Just then, there came a knock at the door. Rob hesitated before leaving link's bedside and going to the door to
answer it. Outside, in the pouring rain, he saw the healer, drenched from head to foot and carrying a lantern. The traveler also carried a large sack on his back.
"Come in. Come in," said Rob, motioning for the healer to enter the cottage. The healer obliged, and Rob took the man's travel sack and lantern and set them on a
table near the door. Then Rob took the healers wet coat and hung it by the fireplace to dry. "How is the boy?" ask the healer, warming himself by the fire. He was
dripping heavily on the wooden floor. "Not well," said Rob, turning to face the healer. "Has a bad fever. Has had it fer days now. The towns folks have done every-
thing they can think of to help the child. Nothing has worked. He just lays there, never waking, yet never fully resting."

After the healer had warmed and dried himself to his satisfaction, he approached the bed where link lay sleeping. He looked so unrestfull, pale and sickly. After
a moment of silently studying the boys face, the healer reached into his left pocket and pulled out a bottle of red liquid of some sort. A potion perhaps. Rob stood
to the side, watching the healer's every move. He was careful to be silent and stay out of the way. "A potion of healing I found deep in the caverns beneath the
northern mountains. Very rare and hard to find. I paid a great price to get this. Please be silent..." As Rob watched, the healer opened the bottle of potion and
put it to Link's lips. Then the healer whispered something into the boy's ears. Rob strained to listen, but could not tell what had been said. A moment later, the
bottle was empty, and link stirred. To Rob's amazment, Link was awake! The healer had done it! Yes! He had healed Link! Rob took a step towards the bed without
thinking, then thought better of it and stepped back. Link coughed, then yawned. Rob grinned. "You did it, healer....and I don't even know yer name."

The healer grinned back at Rob. "The names Phillip, sir." He reached out a large hand, and Rob was ready with a thankful handshake. "How can I ever re pay you?"
asked Rob, reaching for the leather pouch at his belt. Phillip the healer waved his hand as if to say he didn't want any rupies. "I'd say you give me a dry set of
clothes and a hot meal and we can call it a deal," he said heartily. "It's a deal!" said Rob, turning to get a dry set of trousers and tunic for Phillip and put
a meal on the fire. After Phillip had changed into dry clothes and eaten his fill, he turned to Rob and said, I have something for you, sir." He turned to the large
sack on the table near the door and opened it quickly. He began to rummage through it. Moments later, he revealed a second unlit lantern from the sack. It look
exactly like the lit one sitting on the table belonging to Phillip. The healer held it out to Rob. "Actually, it's for the boy. Sorry to dissapoint you. You see, I
have heard about a young lad who was staying here in Kakariko village, and many a prophecy surrounding him. Legends from eon's ago speak of a boy who shall save the
land and the people who live within it from a great and powerful evil force. I believe this boy, Link, is the one who will defeat the evil that is moving across our
land this very moment. I have been having many dreams about a boy who will weild the sword of prophecy. The one spoken of by the sages of old. If Link is indeed the
hero who is to weild the sword of prophecy, he will need a great deal of help along his journey. This old lantern is just a start. Please see to it that he recieves
it when he recovers."

"How long will it take him to fully recover?" asked Rob, taking the unlit lantern from the healer. "It shouldn't be more that two days," said Phillip. "As soon as
he is well enough to be up and around, Give him the lantern and let him be on his way. No stalling, understand?" Rob nodded. "Now, if you'll excuse me, sir, I need to
be on my way. I have more sick to attend to. I thank you for your generousity and the food and spare clothing. I won't be forgetting yer kindness. Now, I'll be off."
With that, healer Phillip grabbed his sack and lantern and was back out into the rainy night.

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