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My work life experience I'm dealing with for 2018
I'm a Hispanic single mom of one and work at a pizza place as a shift manager. I have a couple months already, and if I'm honest with myself, things aren't really good. comparing things to the beginning to now, it's really a mess. My life at work is something crazy, and I literally mean that cause with the general manager I work with is a real monster but I have to say that all think of her as a witch and she is and is even scary her facial appearance.

She is really mean and others working there have told me how they feel and I do the same. She is very difficult to work with and many have left cause of her. I refuse to leave cause of her and keep striving for my job cause I feel I can overcome it all from her if I'm smart enough.

She has been cruel to lower my hours from close to 40 to now low 20's and as a single mom of one, one should know that's now enough to live off of. She lowers my hours when she gets upset with me over something even small stuff. so she punishes me or tries to get even with me in some way like revenge by lowering my hours and it makes me very furious. I'm trying hard to do something about it. If I can manage to, I know she does that cause she wants me to quit but I'll try my best to fight it cause she is very wrong and is abusing my work rights on the work schedule.
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