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Rated: E · Short Story · Young Adult · #2168014
A lonely guy finally gets a Tinder match
It was a rather dull evening. He left his office at 6:30 with the same morosity that he felt at that time of the day, the same gloomy feeling that how he was wasting his life in his slow and absolutely mind numbing job. He thought about how he missed his carefree college life when he was actually hopeful of his future and how gravely his life seemed to have deceived him. Life has lost all its colour and seemed awash with constant melancholy and repetitiveness. But all his feelings could only culminate into a soft sigh as the elevator dinged and opened to the uninviting expression of the operator.
As he was travelling home, seeing couples and friends roam around town, he couldn't help but pity himself for his loneliness. And when he reached home, which was a rented flat where he lived alone, he stopped and stared at plaque on the door - Shyamlal Dhar C402 - the former being his landlord's name. As soon as he unlocked his empty flat and threw his bag across the room, he felt a vibration in his pocket. Pulling out his smart (but old) phone he started staring at it. The cause of the vibration was a notification that he had received – ‘It’s a Match!’ it said. Instantly, his tired eyes had a flicker of excitement and his heart almost skipped a beat. A girl had swiped right on him - someone liked him!
He hurriedly sat in his chair and sent out the first text - "Hi there!"
"Hello" came the reply almost instantly. Wow, she's definitely into me, he thought.
"So, you into tea or coffee?" He felt stupid the instant he hit send, especially because it took him what seemed an eternity to come up with that line.
"Haha, coffee sure!" Again, instantly.
"Me too. Hope to buy you one someday," he sent, feeling prouder this time.
"Of course. Sooner the better ;)" His eyes weren't believing what he was reading. It was working!
"Where do you live?" Obviously.
"Yamuna Colony" She lives in my colony! The neurons inside his brain were going berserk. This might just be his day.
"I suppose I can see you within 5 minutes then ;)" He could feel his excitement growing, literally.
"I hope you aren't so fast with everything else :P" This was the best day of his life!
"So, shall I come over then?" He went inside to fetch some water. He was going crazy!
No reply. Dammit, why won't she reply now?
"Where is you flat?” He hit send, his anticipation going through the roof.
"Very close to you :*" Now she's just teasing me!
"Turn around"
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Printed from https://www.Writing.Com/view/2168014