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Rated: 18+ · Short Story · Adult · #2168103
What do you do when you try to search your boyfriend's iPhone and accidentally drop it?

"It was just a little white lie..." you told yourself.

"It was just a little white lie..." you told yourself, as you looked into the mirror, disgusted with yourself. You didn't mean to do it--but you broke your boyfriend's iPhone when you decided to look through his messages.

You had suspected your boyfriend of cheating and wanted proof. You knew it was wrong, but it was just there...nagging at you, "Have a look! What harm can it do?"

So you opened up your boyfriend's iPhone to view his messages. But you never got to the messages when you accidentally dropped it on the wood floor, cracking the lens.

Quickly, not wanting to upset your boyfriend, you put it down on the table where he laid it and waited for him to pick it up.

10 minutes later, your boyfriend comes in and checks his iPhone when he hears it ring....and notices the crack in the screen.

"Babe, how did my phone get a crack in it?" your boyfriend asks, as you dread giving an answer.

"I accidentally knocked it on the floor while dusting the living room." You tell your boyfriend, knowing it was a little white lie.

"Oh, okay." Your boyfriend says.

You look at yourself in the mirror wondering how you could lie?

Then you hear what you wanted to know...

"Yes, darling, she doesn't suspect a thing!" your boyfriend says into his iPhone......

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