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Rated: E · Chapter · Action/Adventure · #2168109
This story will be interloping the Clone Wars series
As war raged on throughout the galaxy a youngling was walking the halls to meet her master. In the training room is where she found him sitting on the ground meditating as she entered a voice sounded training exercise begin, with that the room started to move with Presswood moving up and down and side to side however her master was calm as he was untouched by any of them, she had to move quickly to avoid being hit. She was able to avoid all of them as she moved to the center of the room next to her master o CE next to him they all stopped and the voice sounded again Level one complete, Level 2 Beginning in 30 seconds, Objective protect your master but do not attempt to move him," then level 2 started 5 seconds early, the entire wall in front of her opened up to reveal B1 battle droids they pulled out their guns and started firing, they were only 50 yards from her, she got out her lightsaber and used their weapons against them, after she disabled each one another set of droids came out e felt this time she counted 20 B1, 10 B2, and 5 Commandos. She didn't like her odds and looked back at her master still meditating on the ground then she noticed his lightsaber and took it now she was ready and ran at the droids deflecting and slicing her way through them however she o my gkt through about 5 B2 before she was knocked down and as they were about to fire she closed her eyes thinking what kind of training this was and having her final thoughts however nothing came and I stead she heard the sound of metal crumpling, as she looked up she saw each droid being g raised and crushed into a little ball, she got up a d turned around to see her master still in meditation position but his eyes were open. As the last droid crumpled they all fell to the ground the master stood up and motioned for his lightsaber, she walked over to him and gave it to him she tried to speak but he held up his finger, " There is indeed some work to be done Ashoka, for now rest you had an experience only a few Jedi have." "And what is that master?" Ashoka asked, as he walked out he replied with, " What it's like to be on the battlefield."
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Printed from https://www.writing.com/main/view_item/item_id/2168109-The-Grey-Jedi