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When a young woman just can't catch a break.
‘’My cousin dropped her kids off for the summer and I must plan a wedding. So… Help?’’
‘’Well this is a bit of a pickle.’’
‘’I want cake!’’
‘’When’s mummy coming back!?’’
‘’I say dear did you forget your rain boots?’’
‘’Double crap.’’

‘’One more time so I understand it dear. You think you already discussed leaving the children here while you planned the senator’s daughter’s wedding? Do I have that right?’’
‘’Yes ma’am, you do.’’
‘’Oh dear.’’
‘’I’m bored. Does this place really have a pool? That’s the only reason I’m not running around naked with scissors.’’
‘’Thomas! What did I say about oversharing in public? And where’s your sister at?’’
‘’Don’t know. So, can I and do you or what? This place is boring.’’
‘’Not now Thomas, help me find Delia. Delia sweetie, it’s not nice to run off! Delia, where are you?’’
‘’Oh heavens! Betty come help us look for the child!’’
‘’Yes mum!’’
‘’What was that!?’’
‘’Delia darling, stay where you are we’re coming up!’’

‘’Oh, good heavens! My nana’s vase from Spain!’’
‘’I’m sorry!’’
‘’Delia honey, you don’t run off like that. I’ve told you that’s not what we do. Now apologize to her.’’
‘’I’m sorry ma’am, I didn’t mean for it to hit the ground. It just, got away from me before I could stop it.’’
‘I’m awfully sorry about that ma’am. I’ll gladly pay you back when I have the funds.’’
‘’No. I’m afraid that wouldn’t be sufficient enough. That vase may not have been a king’s ransom, but it was more valuable than gold to me.’’
‘’I’m awfully sorry ma’am, if there was any way I could right this I would. I hope you can believe me.’’
‘’No, no that’s…’’
‘’Ma’am, are you alright? Do you need some water?’’
‘’I think she’s going to faint. Betty! Quick, bring a chair! Madame isn’t doing well!’’
‘’Bloody hell! She’s flipped her lid! Should’ve made off with the silver ware while they were distracted. We’ll never get past this now.’’
‘’What’s wrong with her? Is she broken? Is this my fault?’’
‘’Who the hell knows!? Grownups are odd ducks. Got any more sun flower seeds? Might be here a while after all.’’
‘’Think we’ll be in trouble again? Don’t think mummy could afford another lawsuit like last time.’’
‘’Don’t know, don’t care. Come on, let’s find that pool before the adults kick us out.’’
‘’Alright. Hey! Wait up!’’
Slow poke!

‘’Here you are ma’am.’’
‘’Thank you, Betty.’’
‘’I’m sorry ma’am, do you need medical assistance? I couldn’t quite tell.’’
‘’Ah, no, my dear. I’ll be alright now.’’
Oh. Well, that’s good then.’’
‘’Yes, it is.’’
‘’Should probably find the kids before anything else happens.’’
‘’That may be wise.’’
‘’I apologize again ma’am. Just send me the bill and I’ll do my best-‘’
‘’That’s not necessary my dear.’’
‘’Oh? Why not?’’
‘’I recall breaking it when I was 10. I always hated it.’’
‘Why’s that?’’
‘’Because I was a rebel once.’’

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